Hawaii Walk-Thru: Notes

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The Trojans went through a 45 minute walk-thru at local Kapolei High School.

  • Spirits were as high as I've seen them.  While they still have to wait another 24 hours, the players are starting to taste it.  It has been a long offseason for this program and these kids, so you can understand why they are so excited to start making news on the field.
  • Plus, they really, really, really want to hit someone!
  • The 45 minutes was broken into even thirds starting with special teams then offense and then defense.  I can honestly say that I am excited to watch the Trojans play special teams.  With the amount of work they have put into it, they expect to be a dominant unit.
  • On the whole, the practice focused on specialty situations like on-side kicks, two-minute drills and Hail Marys.
  • USC was treated to an aerial show and it had nothing to do with Matt Barkley.  The high school is near Hickam Air Force Base, which also borders Pearl Harbor.  Quoting Top Gun lines is pretty much the extent of my military plane knowledge, but we saw a couple of old-school crafts take-off and some giant bombers fly over.  I'll post a picture or two in the photo gallery.
  • The players did not wear pads just crisp, new Nike shirts, shorts and shoes.
  • No new injury news to report.  Lane Kiffin seconded the disappointment about Hawaii-native Abe Markowitz having to undergo foot surgery in Los Angeles instead of traveling home with the team.
  • The Trojans have the afternoon off, but they have been instructed to rest, preferably out of the sun.  Hydration has been stressed, although it's not particularly hot (88 degrees) or humid (granted I'm from New Jersey, so my humidity ratings might be different than yours).
  • The weather is likely to be the same tomorrow (high of 86), but Aloha Stadium has some old school turf, which will steam up the playing surface.
  • The training table meals have a little Hawaiian flair (chicken teriyaki), but the players are loading up mostly on chicken, fish and pasta.  The new coaching staff has really cracked down on sweets and sodas.  Even on the team plane, the players were limited to juice and water.
  • Lane Kiffin gave us a minute back at the hotel, which is the same hotel the NFL Pro Bowlers used to stay in by the way.  The video is up for FREE on SC TV.
  • As I know you love your pictures, we'll have a photo gallery up every day that we are in Hawaii.  And remember, we hired Jon SooHoo, one of the best sports photographers in Los Angeles, to shoot every game except for this one.
  • Today's walk-thru shots were snapped by Rich Rodriguez.

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It's a C-17 freighter, not a "bomber."

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