Glossary of "Baxterisms"

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As we covered in the story about USC-G, special teams coach John Baxter is the master of the metaphor.

He teaches fundamental concepts by opening up his players' imaginations.  

As you prepare to cheer on the 2010 Trojans and their new emphasis on special teams, here are some new terms that you can get creative with.

"Sharks" - Punt Block/Punt Return

When you see the players put their hands on their helmet to signify a fin, you know the sharks smell blood in the water.  Feel free to do it with them.

"The Bomb" - Punt Returner

Baxter: "If you're not explosive, you're not back there."

"Bomb Squad" - Punt Team

They are "messing with explosives."

"Strikeforce" - Kickoff Coverage

They are "the tip of the spear."  The other team is just "bowling pins.  If you're going down, pick up a spare."

"Convoy" - Kickoff Return

Baxter quotes the dictionary definition, "Any group traveling together to ensure the safe delivery of a load."

"U-Haul" - Kick Returner

Baxter: "If you can't haul the load, you are not back there."

"Score Team" - Field Goal and Extra Point

Baxter: "All they do is score.  Every down they play for points."

"Regulators" - Field Goal Block

Baxter: "The ball has to pass through us before it passes through the uprights."

Our FlipsIt crew checked in with the players to get their favorite "Baxterisms"...

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