Compliance Corner: Prospects at Alumni Events

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In part three of our compliance series, we educate fans and boosters about the rules regarding prospects at alumni events.

DO NOT invite prospective student-athletes, high school or junior college, to alumni events. NCAA rules prohibit contact between alumni and friends at both on-campus and off-campus sites. Alumni association chapters CAN entertain prospects under certain conditions that do not involve singling out athletes for special treatment. For example, it is permissible for alumni chapters to invite all high school seniors who have been accepted for enrollment at the university to an alumni event.

DO NOT bring your son or daughter or any other guest to an alumni gathering if he/she is participating in athletics on the high school or junior college level and is therefore a prospective student-athlete.

DO tell athletic department personnel invited to speak at alumni functions if prospective student-athletes will be in attendance. There are certain time periods when coaches are prohibited from any contact with prospects off campus, so it is important for them to know ahead of time if prospects will be in attendance.

We know that Trojan fans are the most dedicated and supportive in the country so please if you have any questions about NCAA rules, contact the compliance office at any time at (213) 740-3832 or e-mail

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