Scrimmage Stats


With one scrimmage or "preseason game" as Lane Kiffin would call it in the books, I've highlighted some of the numbers posted by the 2010 Trojans tonight.

For the complete box score and game recap, click here.

Rushing (Attempts/Yards)

Bradford - 6/-5
Gable - 7/25
McNeal - 6/57 and a TD
Baxter - 5/39
Tyler - 7/34

Receiving (Catches/Yards)

Cameron - 8/96
Woods - 4/56
Johnson - 3/39
Ausberry - 3/21 and 2 TDs
Boyer - 4/34
Butler - 2/19
Ellison - 2/32
Ambles - 2/21
Thomas - 1/20
Gable - 1/15

Passing (Completions/Attempts, Yards and TDs)

Barkley - 9/15 for 127 yards and 1 TD (no INTs)
Mustain - 23/35 for 231 yards and 1 TD
Scroggins - 0/4

Tackle Leaders

Kennard - 7
Bailey - 6


Harper, Thomas and Uko

Curtis McNeal was a scrimmage star.


For the life of me, I dunno why Mustain is the back-up QB and not the starter.

Matt was far ahead of him last year. Mitch's improvement since spring began has been fantastic. Overall spring's numbers between the two were even. What you cannot see in the numbers is what Matt brings to the huddle. He is a stronger team leader and a clutch player. Mitch has completed back-to-back great performances and Matt should not get too comfortable as Mitch is really playing well. It should be noted that today Mitch was throwing against our second string D. Our receivers are far deeper than our secondary guys.

The other factor is that Matt can play for three more years. Giving him the experience is important. If Mitch played this well last year he would have started both years. He is a great QB and a great guy and hopefully he will be recognized when the draft comes along.

Also, I think Mitch's numbers were 23 of 35 for 231 instead of 23 of 25 for 231 (source: If it is 35 attempts then both Matt and Mitch performed at the same level of consistency with Matt playing a much more difficult defense (just as Bradford and CJ - combined for under 2 yards per carry!).

Nice to see the stat corrected. They both are doing well, but both can do better once the offensive line is healthy.

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