Monday Mailbag (8/23/10)

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As the students start class today, let's take some time to get the pulse of the people.

Q.) Josh: With only 70 players on scholarship (out of a possible 85), are the coaches evaluating any JC players for possible transfer?  At least for depth purposes? 

A.) As an employee of the university, I cannot speak directly about any recruits.  However, the coaching staff does have the option to add mid-year signees (junior college transfers or high school seniors who graduate early once the season ends) to make up for the drop in numbers brought on by the players who recently transferred.  Basically, they need more Matt Barkleys and Kyle Praters, who enrolled early.

Q.) Matt: What position is Patrick Hall playing now? He was a big time highly regarded recruit and he doesn't seem to be in the mix for playing time or get talked about very much. He played safety in high school and with that position thin now, I figured he would be in the mix. 

A.) Patrick Hall's rehab is not coming along as fast as they'd like from last year's knee injury.  He is currently rotating between safety and corner, but he's not healthy enough to press for playing time.

Q.) Mary: I realize that Monte's defense and Pete's defense are a lot alike.  How are they different?

A.) They are completely alike.  The transition has been seamless since the terminology is exactly the same.  The only difference is that Pete learned it from Monte.

Q.) Scott: What additional upgrades and/or improvements have been made to the Coliseum this season?

A.) The most noticeable change is that they have replaced the fence around the entire stadium.  They've also improved the restrooms and one of the concession areas.

Q.) Richard via Twitter: Why doesn't USC have a men's soccer team?

A.) Currently, USC's gender equity numbers are balanced under Title IX.  There are no plans right now to add another men's sport.  If they ever do, they'll also add a women's sport to keep in compliance.

Q.) Charles via the blog: When do they decide who the captains will be?

A.)  The Trojans will likely announce captains at the end of this week.  You'll be the first to know...after me of course.

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Maybe they are debating who should be captain...


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What about scholarshipping smem of the walk on seniors? Obviously Markowitz as a junior was worthy though it doesn't seem he'll get all that much field time per the blog so least this year. Why not reward those who are there day in and day outfor years? If they are available from those who left;
Stephenson, Jackson, Henderson( who never came), Patterson, Shoemate, Moore, Campbell, etc...

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