Live Chat: Matt Barkley


USC starting QB Matt Barkley will be joining us on the blog Wednesday for a live chat at 12:15 pacific time!

This is your opportunity to ask the young leader of Troy a question as he prepares to battle Hawaii.

Please submit your questions in the comments section of this post and we'll relay them to Barkley.  You can also join us live on the chat and ask him for yourself.

Put it on your calendar!  Wednesday at 12:15, it's Matt Barkley on



I'd like to ask Matt what the single most challenging aspect of being the USC QB is. Both on the field and off, regardless of sanctions.


Do you feel more pressure leading up to this season's opener as compared to last season's?

What is your favorite class so far in the new school year?


Thanks for giving your time to participate in this live chat. Talk about the diet and exercise changes you made since last season. Who suggested you make the changes? What changes did you make? How has your body changed? How have these changes improved your game? Do you see a marked change?

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