Kickoff Time!

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The 2010-11 USC athletics season begins Friday at McAllister Field as the USC women's soccer team takes on the University of San Diego at 3 p.m.. 

Tickets are available at the gate. 

In honor of the soccer season getting underway, we're debuting Trojans 360: Ali Khosroshahin (Part 1). 

The charismatic head coach led the Trojans to the 2007 National Championship.  In a conversation with contributor Dan Page, Ali breaks down the difference between coaching men and women plus we mic'd him up to see him in action.

Click on this link to enjoy a free preview of exclusive SC TV content produced by Rob McPherson and don't forget to cheer on the women's soccer team as they get their season started.



1 Comment

Off to a thrilling start getting shutout by a no name team at home. Know it is the first match of the season only, how exciting for fans to watch? Ali won the ncaa title his first season with Millender's players, and then really nothing losing to the 'ruins each time.

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