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There's a Trojan Twitter revolution going on and it's time for you to join it.  To the second, our Twitter (@USC_Athletics) follows 42 current and former Trojans.

Twitter is really simple and if you sign up, it's an easy way to interact with all your favorite players, coaches and alums.

Here's the list and a sampling of what they offer:

Football Players

Curtis "Moody" McNeal (@moodythegreat5) - "2-a-days....oh let's do it"

Allen Bradford (@allenbradford21) - "
To be successful you must accept all challenges that come your way . You can't just accept the ones you like"

Mitch Mustain (@MitchMustain) - "
Learn to work on days you are weak. It may be the day the door opens..."

Shareece Wright (@reecie24_7) - "
Everyday is a grind. Everyday is a blessing."

De'Von Flournoy (@USCDFLO10) - "
Ice and Rehab for the shoulder should be back next week"

T.J. McDonald (@tdeuce7) - "
i was need of this massage..haha camp hurts but I wouldn't want it any other way."

Markeith Ambles (@Ocho_Ambles) - "
never did so much work before in my lifeMatt Kalil (@trojanfire75) - "can't wait till camp starts... time to get this season Rollin"
Brandon Carswell (@TheDidster) - "Ain't nothin like your love, not anyone specific but think when you give your all into's special isn't it?"

Kris O'Dowd (@ODOWD61) - "
Fun scrimmage yesterday we are improving everyday!! Off day today, shooting team picture this afternoon can't wait for that SENIOR PIC!!!!!!"

C.J. Gable (@CJ_Gable) - "
Just relaxing for now then meetings had a good day"

Chris Galippo (@ChrisGalippo) - "
Eric Berry, didn't we play in an all star game together lol Highest paid safety in the history of the NFL 6 years 60 million, 34 guaranteed"

Khaled Holmes (@7kdiddy8) - "
Newly "scholarshipped" abe Markowitz with his new mullet...what do you guys think?!"

Kyle Prater (@kprater85) - "
Jus watched proably wat I think was the best movie of the year,"Confessions of a Shopaholic" 5stars"

Drew McAllister (@DMAC_19) - "
The countdown to the 2010 season starts now"

Brice Butler (@USCnumber19) - "
Pray for me ppl... War wit flesh is hard!!!"

Malcolm Smith (@MalcSmitty) - "
Pain is temporary. Love is necessary."

Matt Barkley (@MattBarkley) - "
Congrats to our walk-on center Abe who just received a scholarship today! Hard work pays off!"

Football Coaches

Ed Orgeron (@CoachEdOrgeron) - "
Hard work, perseverance, great work ethic, tuff mental attitude, will to win. It is great to be a Trojan!!!!!"

Lane Kiffin (@Lane_Kiffin) - "
Today is the day i've been waiting for...Practice #1 of Fall Camp! Let's get it Trojans...Fight On!"

Keary Colbert (@kearycolbert) - "
Here was the question from late last night.. What are 2 of the hottest hip-hop songs out right now?? Just curious what yall like right now."

Trojan Alums

Tony Boselli (@TonyBoselli) - "
Still at city council, going good I think and I am not intimidating any city council members."

Troy Polamalu (@tpolamalu) - "
Neither sound or light can escape todays social network I dont know why I thought I could but today I surrender to the tweeting revolution"

Billy Miller (@BillyMiller83) - "
The ability to bully your emotions and force the reality you want! That's Will Power!!!! Whatever you are going through you can change it!"

Kevin Thomas (@Datboiquito) - "
Chillin wit big Fili! Two Trojans out here in Indy!"

Alex Holmes (@Trojan81) - "
LSU is a good school. I mean not the same caliber as USC but I got love for the South. Hehe"

Stafon Johnson (@stafon13) - "
Goodmourning Twittworld officially 1st day of NFL camp and its raining? lol but rain sleet or snow this show must Go..."

Brandon Hancock (@BrandonJHancock) - "
Catching the new Trojans squad today. Greatly anticipating the new season...Let's get it!"

LenDale White (@THEREAL_LENDALE) - "
I have 2 correct my self. My fav pair of shoes would have 2 b chucks yeah def chucks"

Keith Rivers (@rivers55) - "
If its not one sc its another. Ucla will always lose to sc!"

Clay Matthews (@ClayMatthews52) - "
I appreciate all the concern I'm receiving in regards 2 me being down right now. I'll be back very soon... Better than ever!!"

Mark Sanchez (@Mark_Sanchez) - "
Es una lastima que Mexíco perdió. Felicidades y buena suerte a Argentina"

Damian Williams (@DwillOne7) - "
Almost time....last day of prac before we head to Seattle. SC boys where u @?"

Steve Smith (@SteveSmithNY) - "
Love the Grind. Embrace the Pain. The road to Success!"

Terrell Thomas (@TerrellThomas24) - "
Team dinner and tha DB's got OL' Tommy Coughlin... Should be fun lol, we ordering lobster, steak, anything else lol"

Brian Cushing (@briancushing56) - "
Weigh ins tomorrow...its gonna be close, can't be above 263"

Basketball Players and Coaches

Garrett Jackson (@_garrettjackson) - "
lovin life right now. lovin this sun"

Evan Smith (@_EvanSmith) - "
Almost died on the runway. I think I got a new fear of flying."

Jio Fontan (@MrFontan1) - "Cause when you in the lead,you don't care who's trailing"

Bob Cantu (@coachbobcantu) - "
Back on the recruiting trail... Vegas 95 degrees at 645am....gotta love it!"

DeMar DeRozan (@DeMar_DeRozan) - "
Try to learn something about everything & everything about something..."

Coach O's on Twitter, why aren't you?
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Reggie Bush and Pete Carroll use Twitter as well. Seriously, shouldn't SC be avoiding all this?

Personally, I could care less about what "LenDale White (@THEREAL_LENDALE) - I have 2 correct my self. My fav pair of shoes would have 2 b chucks yeah def chucks."

What a joke. I want USC football to win and win with honor. Enough of the Twitter stuff.

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