Contest: Coliseum Press Box Reservation


We are offering USC bloggers and fan site hosts the opportunity to cover one Trojan home game alongside the media pros this season.

If you run a USC-specific blog or fan site, please e-mail me by clicking "E-mail Jordan Moore" on the right side of the page with a link to your site to enter into the contest.

We'll pick the five best sites and reward you with one press pass for one of the first five home games. 

You'll have the opportunity to watch the game from on high, head down to the field for the final five minutes and ask questions during the post-game press conferences.

Once credentialed, we expect you to adhere to the media guidelines and codes of professionalism, which we'll go over with the winners.  Just remember, no cheering in the press box...

Please do not apply if you are or have been a USC booster or if you are affiliated in any way with an agent.  Due to NCAA compliance rules, we have be to strict about who we provide this increased access to.

Send me your link now and reserve your seat in the Coliseum press box!



I run and USCMascot on facebook. It would be great to have one of my crew get the point of view on Traveler from the Press Box.

Thank you,

Did you run this past the compliance unit?

Seriously, did you?

whats the update on the contest do we know won yet?

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