USC President-Elect Nikias Announces New Leadership In Athletics


Read USC President-elect C.L. Max Nikias' letter to members of the Trojan Family regarding the naming of Pat Haden as USC's athletic director.


This is excellent news.
I hope Pat Hayden's appointment is for the long term and not an interim appointment. We sure can use him right now and for the future of our program.
Fight on brothers and sisters!

I praise President-elect Nikias' initiative in making these moves. Pat Haden's integrity is unquestioned. This is an excellent way of showing that the University is stepping forward into a new era and won't be dragged down by the past. Pat Haden will be a great asset in moving forward. Thank you Pat for committing yourself to this effort. All the other appointments in the compliance area show this to be a well thought out effort to get compliance done right. The removal of Bush and Mayo items is also a good step. Return of Bush's Heisman is especially appropriate.

We must also thank Mike Garrett for his service. He set high standards for achievement on the athletic field and Trojans rose to the challenge. I'm pleased Mike recognized that at this time USC Athletics needs various skills and abilities in a leader that he does not possess. That said, Mike should be praised for all the great success that he brought to USC during his tenure.

I'm most proud to see that in the face of adversity faced by USC, people within its leadership took the initiative to Fight On!

Good riddance!

First, what an excellent choice in Pat Haden! Let's hope he can help overturn the NCAA on appeal.

Second, let's not bash Mike Garrett. Even if you've disagreed with his handling of various issues over the years, he's devoted much of his life to the University both as a student athlete and as AD.

Fight on, Mike and Pat!

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