The Redesign


Per President-elect C.L. Max Nikias' decree, Heritage Hall rearranged the trophy cases today.  Former running back Reggie Bush had his Heisman Trophy and jersey removed from the room.   

Here is the new Heisman layout.

Here are the remaining six jerseys (from left: #20 Mike Garrett, #33 Marcus Allen, #3 Carson Palmer, #11 Matt Leinart, #12 Charles White and #32 O.J. Simpson).



Sooo what's the point of leaving up OJ's? Really..

I don't think it's right for a university to just turn it's back on an athlete like SC is doing. Yes, what Reggie did off the field was wrong, but what he did on the field made everyone happy. If that's the case, O.J. should have everything taken away from Heritage Hall.

I understand the university doesn't want to glorify what was done, but how does that look to future student-athletes? "Whatever you do, don't screw up your reputation or we will take everything away four years later..."

I have to say hat "IF" Bush did what he is accused of doing then we should take steps to fix the problem & not just treat him like he's a criminal. What makes us Trojan family special is that we always have each others back, Family sticks together. People call Bush a cheater but if you look at it for what its worth, what he did was Not! good. But whether or not he received money it did not make him better or worse on the field. What he did on the field was pure talent.
I also don't agree with the attitude of the soon to be new President & A.D. They come to USC defeated, why not let the appeals take its course & let a legal challenge end before doing anything. To just come in with a defeated attitude is not good. The best way to handle this is Figure out how this problem came about & then implement new rules & checks to prevent it in the future. T come in pointing fingers is NOT the way to do it.
I don't like what Bush did but he is still part of the Trojan family & if anything we should pray for him & wait until it all plays out.
We are SC & we ARE the Trojan Family.

Hi Ethan,

It is difficult to understand, but there is a lot that we cannot appeal no matter what the facts are, for example the BCS championship against OK. The reason stated by the NCAA committee was due to Bush receiving a car in Dec. of '04, when in reality it was the spring of '05. USC corrected the error prior to the final decision. The NCAA committee did not make the correction even with conclusive evidence of their error. That part of the decision is not appealable or reversible under the NCAA rules. This seems very unfair.

I believe the same is true for the decision to remove everything regarding Reggie and denounce all of his achievements. USC has no choice in the matter and I don't believe the scope of the appeal can cover that decision. As such the move is completely forced.

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