Seantrel Henderson released from letter of intent


USC football coach Lane Kiffin, on 2010 signee Seantrel Henderson:

"As of 1:30 p.m. today, we are releasing Seantrel Henderson out of his national letter of intent with zero penalties and no restrictions.  Seantrel has been great through the whole process and we wish him the best of luck with his decision."


In my opinion a good decision by Kiffin. Although he is a loss physically, I think it is the best for everyone that he moves on. Even if the sanctions did not occur, he was the weakest commit of the class by far and academically there are many questions. Certainly as a team leader and a morale booster he is not the right fit for USC. He is very impressive on the field, but it was clear he would have taken much, if not all, of that benefit away from the team off the field. So ends the Henderson drama...

My two cents worth...

That's good. Seantrel has shown us that he brings a huge physical presence on the field, but at the cost a ton of emotional baggage. He would've been a huge detraction from what the team needs.... team focus from everyone; not one player is the star. Football is a team sport, and SH would've been a huge emotional burden on the team.

Onward Trojans...

One last comment; when the going gets tough, the tough don't run away. We have been unfairly treated as all Trojans know. Those with a true Trojan heart and soul will fight for our redemption on the field. Those of us who cannot support our team on the field (the vast majority obviously) should support our team as loyal fans.

USC did not cheat in any way. One player did and made very bad decisions in assisting his step-father. The sanctions were primarily based on bad information as was the loss of our 2004 national BCS title. Reggie did not receive his car in '04, but instead in spring of '05. The car was not a red flag as it was very inexpensive and fitted his economic condition. Otherwise he flashed no money eating at commons with the other players, etc. As for McNair, the NCAA goofed there as well stating he spoke with Lake for 2.5 minutes during the night in '05. The call came in '06 and who really knows what, if anything, was said as the NCAA took the word of a convicted felon over Todd.

Further, a key member of the NCAA team is from Notre Dame who we have constantly beaten over the past decade. They have a new coach and desperately need to beat SC to be considered successful. The conflicts of interest are extreme and should not have been allowed by the NCAA.

We have been unfairly treated to say the least and our players have the USC honor at stake. I hope they all see this as an opportunity to become a truly special team that will be talked about for decades!

At the end of the day, SC and WE really don't want a player here who doesn't want to be. This cannot be overstated enough. It's what separates this program from the rest. Whether or not the sanctions are fair or unfair, we won on the field, in the trenches and I'm sorry if that hurts people.
We won over and over and over because the athletes that come here want to be here.

Let's wish Henderson the best. He just left the best program in the nation for ??? exposure in a possible bowl? he wasn't coming for the right reasons.

At the risk of "sounding" jealous or angry or bitter or's a thought. Wish we had him because we need OLs. If all he cares about is post-season play and that keeps him from SC, see ya. Thanks for the interest. We can do better. I'll take the guy 100% committed to SC over the All-American Me every day, every time.

I’m tired of all the Bull from the haters and the talking heads Trojan football IS NOT DEAD. I’m calling out to all the TROJAN FAMILY and to all the TRUE FANS. It is time to stand and be counted.
On September 11th our USC Trojans will play Virginia in the home opener of the 2010 season. I think this is the perfect time to show the college football world just who we are. I have a dream of 93,607 people in the coliseum to support this team. I think it would be grate for the team to here us while they are still in the locker room. We can make it so that all the TV audience can hear is WE ARE SC!! So be there to show the world the NCAA and all the haters that TROJANS DO FIGHT ON!!!!

Being under probation, the last thing we need is somebody as starved for media attention as Henderson, or more accurately, Henderson's father. If USC got in trouble for Reggie Bush's association with a family friend who was considering starting a sports agency, who knows what punishment the NCAA might give out for Seantrel's father being "like his manager"?

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