RipsIt questions of the day


Fresh off the weekend, RipsIt asks four players about their favorite class at USC, the home run derby vs. the dunk contest, favorite campus food joint and whether they'd rather be on the SportsCenter highlight reel or the front of the L.A. Times. Take a gander...

As always, if you want your question answered by the players, tweet it to with the tag #QOTD, or leave it in a comment below. If we use your question, we'll be sure to give you a shout-out.


Who is that guy doin the interviews, and why isn't his name on the blog?

Ripsit: This is a great feature; thanks for doing this! Here are my suggested questions:

Who's your favorite non-BCS conference football team?

What's your favorite building on campus?

If you could be anyone else for one day, who would that be?

What social or technological advancement would you like to see take place in the next 20 years?

What current technology do you think is the most useless?

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