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Hello and welcome to a new era of Trojan athletics. 
Lane Kiffin has arrived with an all-star coaching staff to lead USC football into the next decade.
A year into his tenure, Kevin O'Neill has shown the fire and integrity to take the men's basketball program to previously unseen heights.  As for the ladies, Michael Cooper expects the Women of Troy to rise to the standard of excellence set by previous greats like Cheryl Miller and Lisa Leslie.
And on the track, fields, courts and diamond, USC athletics has its sights set on the gold standard that makes the university an Olympic nation unto itself.
And here on the Web, we are blazing a new path of our own.  In the coming weeks, months and semesters, we are going to change the way your Trojans are covered and break down the barrier between you (the fan) and the program.
I will be a part of that.  My name is Jordan Moore and I'll be your caddy throughout the process.
I arrived at USC in 2001 from the East Coast along with Pete Carroll.  Well, not exactly together.
As a wide-eyed freshman, I took in my first USC game from the student section in front of a paltry 45,000 people (an ugly win over San Jose State).  I graduated in 2005 on the heels of a 55-19 dusting of Oklahoma on South Beach.
After college, I became the voice of the then Fullerton Flyers (now Orange County Flyers), an independent minor league baseball team.  Former Trojan hurler Rik Currier was just one out from a no-hitter when a base hit up the middle spoiled my call.
From the Flyers, I am became the Director of Broadcasting and Programming for, an Internet TV site that specializes in high school sports coverage. 
In that time, I broadcasted the early highlights of many of today's Trojans under the heat of the Friday night lights. 
Matt Barkley was a true kid QB who became the nation's top prospect.  Blake Ayles looked like a young Jeremy Shockey as a gleeful Carroll watched from the sidelines.  And, Chris Galippo buried helpless high schoolers into the grassy turf.
I'm also well versed on the talents of the next wave of superstar Trojans.  I've witnessed Robert Woods' blazing speed, D.J. Morgan's unrivaled athleticism and Bryce Jones' trampoline hops.
You will enjoy watching them.
While we'll be making changes to and the Rips It blog, Ben Malcolmson deserves great credit for laying the foundation for our future success.  He created something where there was nothing.
I'm excited to take my post here inside Heritage Hall alongside the most talented Web team in the country (at least that's what they told me). 
Most importantly, I am just an intermediary between you and the school you hold so dear.  I look forward to our interaction and please let me know what you'd like to see covered and how we can best serve your needs.
As we get started, please be sure to get logged on and signed up for all our plethora of social networking options.  You can find us on Facebook (USC Trojans - Official Page) and Twitter (USC_Athletics). 
Enough talk of what is to come, it's time to make it happen. 
Stay tuned and fight on!


Welcome Jordan! As a USCRipsIt reader from the very beginning, it's great to have you onboard and driving the Trojan's online media bus. Thanks to Ben II and the crew for keeping us going in the interim between Ben I and Jordan. We love USC and its athletic programs and are looking forward to new heights in online coverage of the Trojans. Fight On!

Hi Jordan,

If you ever need any help let me know. I know more about USC football than anyone in heritage hall except Mr. Garrett. Let's put it this way I have been going to USC practice since Larry Smith was here and have photos of me and ricky ervins.

The first thing you need to do is ditch CBS sportsline for Neulion/jumptv
Next you need to recognise that, and are your competition. The biggest issue is that if i go to one of those sites they will post footage of that days practice or throwing session that same day where as usc all access/ lags behind a day or two. Next you need to change the image of the team. Right now we don't control the image, it is the ESPN's and Foxsports' that control the image because they are producing content for all to see. We need to combat the image they are creating with videos and vignettes that humanise our players. Obviously we can't talk about recruiting but once a player is here we can talk about him and create an image of the player that we want out there. For example Kyle Prater. He is here with much hype but who is he as a person. Very little is spent on female athletes. Alex Jupiter for example: who is she as a person? In the long run this will help sell tickets because you create a star quality in the player that people will pay to see. I mentioned a lot of this to Mr. Garrett when he visited my image management class at annenberg with Prof. Durbin last semester. Oh if you get a chance do something on my girlfriend's younger brother LB Marquis Simmons; he worked his ass of to get here and do a interview with Jim Hardy; he comes to practice usually on tuesdays, he was MVP of the 1940 rose bowl for USC and has some unbeleivable stories.

Good Luck,


Welcome aboard jordan. been a reader since day 1 of the blog and literally check for updates multiple times a day. First off congrats on being able to run the blog and I hope you do a great job. Now, to second some of the things that brian said of how we as fans do not want to see the blog change.

I have no idea if you read the blog prior to now, but pictures were uploaded everyday after practice. I want to say atleast 20, hundreds of game day pics.

I wouldn't say usc.scout, usc.rivals, or wearesc are your competion because they cover recruiting and you can't since this website is directly affilated with the school, but what I would love to see is more videos like on the oklahoma site. More tours of the buildings within the football program.
Oh, please continue to answer our questions during the week. I have had a few of my questions answered and I really like that the answers are posted and not just emailed to me.
So i once again congrats on getting the new job and look forward to reading your material.

Welcome Jordan,
I'm really looking forward to this year's inside coverage of the football program; new coaches and great players. USC will compete and win despite the NCAA. Will something be done for the baseball program? Enough is enough. We can not compete with the current staff. USC deserves better.
Why not try someone who has proven he can coach during the last 10 years? For example, Mike Batesole, with Fresno State, is 288 and 220 this decade; 2002 Big West Championship, 2006-2008 2010 WAC Championship, winner 2008 College World Series, 2010 WAC Championship and WAC coach of the year 2010. It would be great to bring back the great success of Trojan Baseball of the 60's and 70's, we just need better coaching to build a great program which will help bring in the best recruits.
Good luck and wishing you great success with the new and improved Ripsit blog!

Welcome Jordan,
I look forward to the continuation and expansion of RipsIt. Since I'm living out here on the east coast, it's really my main source for all things Trojan Football.
Thanks for joining the team. Good luck, and Fight On!



Welcome Jordan,

It is nice to see the Blog back up and running full force. It has been bad enough that alums and fans are being denied access to practice, let alone the almost near silence that has emanated from this Blog in the last couple of months. It is great to again be more directly connected to the day to day activities of the football team.

I look forward to your Blog during fall camp and during the season.

Good luck with the Blog.

Thank you,


As a former East Coaster, wondering if you have an opinion on if and when USC makes the move to create a Mens and Womens DI lacrosse team? With the growth of lacrosse in SoCal, it seems like an ideal time.

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