McNair update


In response to media inquiries today about Trojan running backs coach Todd McNair, USC issued the following statement:

"Todd McNair's contract with USC expired on June 30, 2010.  USC's appeal of the NCAA's ruling includes an appeal of the findings and sanctions related to Mr. McNair.  USC has no additional comments at this time."


Everyone is saying McNair was fired, but that is not correct. His contract expired after which McNair and USC did not come to a new agreement. No comment has been made, but it should be assumed that USC felt McNair was too limited in his ability to assist USC as he cannot talk to recruits, which is a major function of his job. Also, he is radioactive with regards to just being there as he may answer a phone when a recruit calls, run into a recruit on the field while working with the team, etc., etc., etc. Just a claim could be enough for additional NCAA actions.

Essentially, the NCAA forced USC to let his contract expire as they made it impossible for him to do his job. It will be some time before we know if any other issues played a part in his departure. He has not been allowed on the field again since roughly when the sanctions were released, as I understand the situation, even though USC defends his position.

I think he is likely to tell all, now that he has been released. Should be interesting tohear what he has to say.

Sounds like Seantrell Henderson is going to tranfer to another school. Are there any other recruits that are wavering?

Come on people, let's not be so gullible and believe all of this political correctness...he's out for a reason

Regarding Henderson's Letter of Intent, the Henderson's are claiming that Kiffin assured the recruit there would be no major sanctions for the football program, and that could be used as a way to secure a waiver from the NCAA in getting out of the LOI and not having to sit out a transfer year.

I'm betting McNair's settlement with the University included money to keep his mouth shut, and not spill the beans.

Jarvis Jones left the team.

According to Charley Walters of the Pioneer Press, Henderson was in Miami on Saturday. Miami, of course, was reportedly Henderson's second choice after the Trojans on his to-go list, and Walters reported last week that Henderson was leaning toward the Hurricanes yet again.

I’m tired of all the Bull from the haters and the talking heads Trojan football IS NOT DEAD. I’m calling out to all the TROJAN FAMILY and to all the TRUE FANS. It is time to stand and be counted.
On September 11th our USC Trojans will play Virginia in the home opener of the 2010 season. I think this is the perfect time to show the college football world just who we are. I have a dream of 93,607 people in the coliseum to support this team. I think it would be grate for the team to here us while they are still in the locker room. We can make it so that all the TV audience can hear is WE ARE SC!! So be there to show the world the NCAA and all the haters that TROJANS DO FIGHT ON!!!!

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