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Here are two interviews Lane Kiffin shot yesterday with Sports Illustrated on


i really really hope that one day i will learn to like and respect coach kiffin

Though the interview was very light on the questioning, as it should be for that type of interview, I liked the way Coach Kiffin handled himself... style, class and grace. Not so much for Coach Neuheisal. He looked, uncomfortable and tried to one up Kiffin. It didn't work. He actually came off quite like a "winner wanna-be". And what's this disinfo Coach N. spouted out about.. "since the turnaround"? What turnaround? UCLA fans are still waiting for their team to come through on the pledge that the domination is over.... see full page LA Times ad from 2008.
Oh well.
Not everyone can be a Trojan.
Fight On brothers and sisters!

Hi spud,

He is a great guy or the kids would not love to play for him and be attracted to any program he is coaching. He has a target on his back and it will take some time before it comes off.

Hi Greg,

I completely agree and found it comical that Rick feels poised to win the Pac-10 championship coming off of a great year last year - ah, let's see, 3-6 in the Pac-10?! The word delusional comes to mind. I did feel Lane, as always, comes off very well when interviewed.

It has been a rocky media start for him and a lot of what has happened has had nothing to do with him. Sometimes when you are really good at what you do you threaten too many others and they all want to knock you down. He is being severely tested and I for one think he is handling himself very well.

Hi Sy:
Yes, I'm with ya on your assessment of SC football and Kiffin having to endure the barrage of negative commentary from the Div I schools that they'e beaten during the Carroll years, and the incessant, non-informed sports press, in general.

I'm very impressed with Kiffin's low-key approach to his interviews, and I believe that once the season is underway and the team has won a few games, I anticipate he'll open up a bit more; though, I don't anticipate he'll go overboard as he did in TN. That was basically showmanship, and as he said earlier in the year... to paraphrase, "this is SC. We don't need to boast".

I'm looking forward to this year's team proving to the college football world that they mean business on & off the field.
Fight On brah, and let's go 13-0.

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