Introducing USC FlipsIt

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Armed with a Flipcam and a little ambition, blog contributors Stephanie Graves and Ben Weiss scour the land of Troy and beyond to bring you a unique look at USC Athletics.

The Friday edition of Questions of the Day asks four players about their favorite current NFL-er, ice cream flavor of choice, their plans after leaving the gridiron and their funniest teammate.

If you'd like your question answered by the players, leave it in the comment section below, or tweet it to with the #QOTD tag.

1 Comment

Adding video to the site is great, Jordan! I had encouraged Ben last season to do some sideline video during the games to give a flavor of the energy level (esp. during the Ohio State game - a clip of the stadium noise followed by the silence after Stafon's TD would have been awesome). Not a Udub fan, but followed them a little after Sark left, and they posted some cool sideline video on their blog last year.

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