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Now that we are getting to know each other, I want to go over some ground rules as far as posting comments.

Reader response is the blog's heartbeat, so I encourage all of you to interact with me and each other.  Hopefully, we can foster a community of dialogue that keeps everyone engaged on USC athletics 365 days a year.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when you are working on a comment:

1.) We have a zero tolerance cursing policy.  Please find more creative ways to express yourselves than profanity, which includes abbreviations of curse words.

2.) Please do not make personal attacks aimed at other posters.  If you disagree with someone's opinion, please argue the point not the person.

3.) Please do not post false news.  If you've heard rumors or speculation, please make it clear that it's just conjecture.

4.) Please don't use CAPS LOCK.  You don't need to yell.  We can hear you.

5.) Please do your best to keep it short and sweet.  There's no maximum length, but if the word "manifesto" can be used to describe your post, you should probably wrap it up.

6.) This is a USC specific site.  We welcome fans of other schools that are interested in the Trojans, but we'll boot hecklers faster than Ronald Johnson runs the 40.

We have the ability to delete comments and block users if you are not respectful of these guidelines and this community.

Please say only nice things about me.  Just kidding, but remember, my mom reads this blog. 

You can email me by clicking "E-mail Jordan Moore" on the right side of the page or by sending it to

I'll start doing mailbags once the action gets fired up and I'll take questions from emails and comments.

I thank you for reading and look forward to hearing what you have to say.


I personally like rule #5 because the whole post totally goes against #5. Just yanking your chain. Thanks for the posts and I look forward to more posts.

Very nice, looking forward to future posts.

thanks jordan! this stuff needed to be said and should have been in place a long time ago. hopefully you won't be running side by side with Ro Jo too often ;-)

Nice to see there is a new sheriff in town!

Might I recommend a permanent link to this policy somewhere on the blog, or on the form to post comments.

Great to actually see a name on the Blog! Fight On and looking forward to a great season.

the new policies are worthwhile but enforcement will be key.

mailbags? that's big! i love it!

V Fight On! V

How close are u and Kiffin? As you may already know, the last guy, Ben, was Pete's right-hand-man. Ben was Johnny on the spot. I believe he had us spoiled. Glad to see USCRipsIt is back and good luck to you, Jordan.

Now go out and get us the latest developments. :)

Great. Glad to see a site that won't be filled with haters. However, I hope that this site gets a little more edgy by allowing critical comments. Trojans can disagree with how things are going.

Hi, Welcome!! Will there be a computer wallpaper of the football poster coming out this year? There has been one for the last many years and I still have the 2009 poster on my computer!
Fight On!!

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Da Trojans offense better bring their "A" game into Aloha Stadium on Thursday because our m-i-g-h-t-y Warrior defense is fixin' to show y'all what pounding poi is all about, baby

Hey i was just wondering if the wheels are falling off the "LANETRAIN" Like it did in knoxville. Be aware trojan fans ,This guy will leave you in the middle of the night to stroke his ego in the N.F.L. again and will take "Daddy" with him .what an awsome game we had in knoxville sat . we got back to our traditional butt kicking football instead of the flag football team lane kippin tried to sell us.Thank god be bailed out so we didnt have to waste millions on this clown. He is so getting what he deserves and we are watching his dream job cfumble and loving every minute of it! Good luck troy boy!

Consider this: This year the Ducks have so much depth they have Nate Costa backing up QB Thomas - and a star Red shirt in waiting. There are several star running backs chopping at the bit to get time when LaMichael James needs rest. James wasn't even suppose to get much time on the field last year when previous seasons record setting Blount missed most of the season for punching out one of the "dirty tricks" Boise State reserve making an unsportsmanlike taunt in Bount's face at the end of the game. [Blount is now doing great in the NFL]. James set Pac-10 records in his place. Highly rated QB Masoli was going to be the Heisman hopeful for this year, until he was kicked off the team. Costa was heir apparent when Thomas slightly beat him out for the starting job. Oregon QB's have a history of great QB's going to the NFL. Even back-up AJ Feely did well in the NFL.”

I have never written a comment like this, but Lane is not the coach the USC program needs.

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Gee coach..........maybe you should have used some of your 3 timeouts and slow down Stanford instead of playing their game and allowing them the rhythm to go down and score to tie. You can`t take em with ya

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