Carroll returns to L.A. for book signing


Former USC head coach Pete Carroll returns to Southern California this Monday (July 19) to sign his new "Win Forever" book at the Borders bookstore in Torrance.  The event begins at 7 p.m.


EX-Head Coach-His office isn't in Heritage anymore..He took the money & walked....he is a NFL Coach who decided that $$$$$ was more important than being the HFC at USC..He moved on...I suggest SC & the Trojan Family does the same regarding him...

I still Like PC. I think he is a stand up guy and he wanted a new challenge. He is still supporting SC and is helping them however he can "in his own words" with the NCAA sanctions.

Come on... He brought us more joy watching SC play than arguably anyone in SC's wonderful history. He also did so much for LA. He was tireless and what the NCAA did was not due to him and was not right. Everyone has the option to change their jobs. How many people who read this have been at their current job for 9 years or more? He was great and really lifted our program to heights not achieved for a very long time (2 national champions, 8-1 against both Notre Dame and UCLA, etc.). He is still involved with many LA programs that he started to help inner city kids and lower LA crime. He made a very real and positive difference to LA and USC! God bless you Pete!

He has done a great job standing up for the school during a dark time when the "voluntary" allegiance to the NCAA has only hurt the school through the media and their false and harsh ruling.

The NCAA was wrong in their sanctions against the school.

Todd McNair lost his job due to their ruling.

Reggie Bush has been disassociated from the school because of their adherence to the word of a convicted criminal Lloyd Lake.

I personally hope the school and Los Angeles continue to back the efforts of Pete Carroll.

Yes, Chuck, Pete left. So did McKay. Get over it. Pete is still the former head coach who led the football to great heights. He still is very involved with the community through A Better LA, and all the money he's making from this book is going to A Better LA. I think that's worth a mention on this blog.

By the way, this blog wouldn't even exist had Pete not hired Ben Malcolmson to start it up a few years ago.

Pete will always be Trojan Family, just like ALL the past players and coaches.

I don't think we'll ever know what really happened. Pete love running a loose program and making it fun. It was unfortunate that a couple bad seeds had to ruin it for the whole bunch. They were very memorable years. Remember, before Pete, it was nick named the L.A. Mausoleum. Pete and the Trojans filled the house, my family loved it. USC will survive. Fight On!

It isn't Pete's fault, and yes, the University shouldn't had a much stronger and aggressive compliance office. But know this folks, if you don't have greedy players, you won't have greedy sports marketers and promoters hanging around.

Hate to say this, but honestly, if Reggie Bush had said "NO", the school wouldn't be in this predicament. In my opinion, Lake and Michaels were only doing what they know best and that's criminal activity, promoting scams and being general all-around schiesters. That's what they know. They found a kid who would succumb to their monetary advances and "promises" of getting rich schemes.

The one man completely responsible for this mess is Reggie Bush, IMHO, I firmly believe that Reggie Bush should pay back the school for the cost of his scholarship, on the road support like hotels, meals, etc... in addition to monies that have to be given back to the NCAA because of the loss 14 games, NC and Heisman dollars. And finally, Reggie should pay the school for all monies spent on the appeal, and the reconstruction of the program... especially, the defamation of character issues resulting from his actions. He certainly can afford it now.

Hi Greg,

I mostly agree with you, but "University should have had a much stronger and aggressive compliance office" suggests that if we had such we would have known about Reggie. I'm sorry, but although that maybe true it has nothing to do with the case of Reggie, the "agents" where actually not agents. They never acted as agents in their careers prior. They were thugs in and out of prison. What they were are friends of Reggie's step-father. No compliance ever would be able to see into the private lives and homes of the player's families who live 200 miles from campus.

The money did not go to Reggie. The one item that the NCAA pointed to of significance was a car that came from his father via money gained by the "agents". That car was no red flag (given to him in the spring of '05 not Dec. of '04). It was a 1996 Chevy worth around $3,000 or so by '05 (Less than $20k new in '95), or a month’s pay at McDonalds. All of the other funds went directly to his father outside of a weekend hotel stay in Las Vegas where he roomed with Lake. Reggie ate at commons with the other players. He never had extra cash or items. There were no red flags. No extra compliance would have detected anything. In large part that is what makes this ruling so outrageous.

NCAA should only punish for what the schools contribute to, is within reason for them to know about or they facilitate in some way. They should never force schools to intrude on the privacy of the families of their student athletes. This goes way too far in my opinion.

We have laws in CA to prevent what Lake and co. did, yet no one has pursued them. Unless the NCAA, schools and government wants to get involved and sue, prosecute, etc. they will always make unfair punishments on the universities, which does not punish the offenders (i.e. agents, athletes and in this case family of the athletes, those that break the rules). Instead they are punishing innocent athletes, universities, students, alumni and fans of the program. That simply is not fair! If the agents, family and athlete were to be sued in this case it would send the right message to all those considering selfishly to do the same.

Sy, I couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you.

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