The Graduates


Here is a list of the 109 student-athletes who are eligible to march at Friday's USC Commencement ceremony.

This list includes not only the current spring semester graduates but those from last fall's and this summer's semesters, along with a handful of former Trojan student-athletes who returned to the university to complete their degree requirements.  Some of these student-athletes have completed their academic requirements for a degree but still have athletic eligibility remaining, so some of them will compete for the Trojans again next season.

It's quite an impressive list, stacked with Olympians and All-Americans and national champions and record holders.  But no matter the accolades, each is a winner on and off the field and they all represented their university in great style.

Congratulations to all on a job well done!  And best wishes in your future.

Although your time at USC might be over, remember, you are a TROJAN for life!

BASEBALL:  Keith Castillo, Kevin Couture, Adam Dedeaux, Mike O'Neill

MEN'S BASKETBALL:  Kasey Cunningham, Mike Gerrity, Marcus Johnson, Dwight Lewis

WOMEN'S BASKETBALL:  Hailey Dunham, Jacki Gemelos, Aarika Hughes, Heather Oliver, Daniela Roark

FOOTBALL:  David Ausberry, Allen Bradford, Charles Brown, Jordan Cameron, Preston Cavignac, Omari Crittenden, Dan Deckas, Robert Erickson, C.J. Gable, Nick Garratt, Will Harris, Justin Hart, Stanley Havili, Zack Heberer, Joe Houston, Butch Lewis, Michael Morgan, Omar Nazel, Garrett Nolan, Billy O'Malley, Alex Parsons, Travon Patterson, Mike Reardon, Derek Simmons, Malcolm Smith, Averell Spicer, Scott Stephens, Cooper Stephenson, Kenechi Udeze, Christian Tupou, Spencer Vigoren

WOMEN'S GOLF:  Caroline Kim, Jill McGill, Belen Mozo

WOMEN'S SOCCER: Kate Gong, Jacquelyn Johnston, Brittany Massro, Ashley Nick, Kristin Olsen, Jamie Petrossi

WOMEN'S ROWING:  Carin Andersson, Alexandra Tapley, Ewelina Nowak, Andrea Vehovec

MEN'S SWIMMING:  Vanni Mangoni, Evan Marcus, James Martin

WOMEN'S SWIMMING:  Alexis De Mond, Kristine Forelli, Kathryn Houston, Kristina Rigterink

MEN'S TENNIS:  Abdullah Magdas

WOMEN'S TENNIS:  Sarah Fansler

MEN'S TRACK AND FIELD:  Nate Anderson, Benjamin Brown, Colin Campbell, Putchong Dispanurat, Desmond Hamilton, Jason Price, Duane Solomon, Manjula Wijesekara

WOMEN'S TRACK AND FIELD:  Ekene Anene, Shalina Clarke, Kira Davis-Quarrie, Katherine Ellis, Chanel Fischette, Myra Hasson, Bridget Helgerson, Jasmine Leija, Katalin Mate, Elizabeth Olear, Judith Onyepunuka, Eva Orban, Brysun Stately, Jennifer Wells

MEN'S VOLLEYBALL:  Hunter Current, Jon Hackett, Tyler Stevens

WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL:  Jessica Gysin, Alli Hillgren, Emilie Stewart

MEN'S WATER POLO:  Anthony Artukovich, Shea Bucker, Kevin Coyne, Justin Rappel, Matt Sagehorn, Nico Sardo, Kyle Sterling, Jordan Thompson, Kyle Wooten

WOMEN'S WATER POLO:  Tumua Anae, Kami Craig, Tekla Beckmann, Forel Davies, Shauna Letvin, Rebecca McCall


Didn't Brian Cushing complete requirements for graduation?
Or is he off the list because of his trouble with the NFL right now?

Dang! Happy that 1/3 of the football team is graduating...

Our son Jordan Congdon graduated in December and will walk on Friday.

Whet about Tdylor Mays, Jeff Byers, Nick Howell, Stafon Johnson????? What about these young men from the football team - omitted or not graduating? Please clarify. Thank you.
Congratulations to all the football athletes and all USC athletes on your graduation!! Have a terrific future!
Fight on!!!!

I'm not sure how complete this list is. I saw Luthur Brown, Shareece Wright, et. al at the ceremony today. I'm a Sociology major, so I marched with many of these guys. Please update the list, and get back to us. Jeff Byers should also be on there. I think he finished his MBA, but I may be wrong.

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