Live blog from Saturday's scrimmage


Good morning, RipsIt readers! Although the sun has decided to take a short hiatus from its week-long perch above Howard Jones Field (if there was ever a reason to use that SPF 5 sunblock, today might be it), we at USCRipsIt are still here to bring you the latest and greatest from spring ball.

Check back in at 11 a.m. when we kick off the live blog.



Ok, the blog does not take the place of letting students and fans into Howard Jones Field. What I have seen from the updates is ex-players,people who do not have family on the team and are not donors being allowed in.
Please explicitly state the policy of admittance to a practice. Looks like exceptions to the rule are being made.
A frustrated student and fan.

Ben, This live blog is really cool. Seattle Times blogger uses this same concept for Seahawks live blogs...another fun way to keep up with the Trojans. Nice to see you keeping up!

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