Don Ludwig honored


Congratulations to Don Ludwig, USC executive director of Spirit and Traditions, and Spirituality and Sports.  At a luncheon today, President Steven Sample presented him with the 2010 President's Award for Staff Achievement for his outstanding contributions during his 36 years at the university.

For the first 34 of those years, Don worked in the Recreational Sports department. His original office was in Heritage Hall.  He is involved in many areas of Trojan athletics, including serving on the Game Management staff at sports events and with Swim With Mike. Here's an article that goes into a bit more detail about Ludwig's time and contributions as a Trojan.

The honor is well-deserved for one of USC's truly good guys.


I didn't know of Don before today although I may have seen his name here and there and not remembered but after today I will. He definitely embodies the true meaning of being in the Trojan family. His video and speech was so very heartfelt and, well at one point, quite hysterical. Congratulations Don!

Thank you for your years of outstanding service to the Trojan family!!

Fight On, Don! and Congratulations on the President's Award! You deserve it!

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