Working together for the first time


If first impressions mean anything, then Lane Kiffin & Co. are off to one heck of a start.

This afternoon on Howard Jones Field, the Trojan coaching staff worked with the players for the first time since being hired nearly two months ago, leading the players through a high-intensity 45-minute conditioning session. The workout, the first of six such sessions permitted by the NCAA leading up to Spring Practice, focused solely on agility and conditioning drills, as footballs and football-specific work are not allowed.

Players cycled through eight action-packed exercises before competing in two offense-vs.-defense sprint relay races that circled the field, both of which were won by the defense.

By the end of the workout on a cool afternoon, coaches were hoarse from yelling and players were drenched in sweat. As Kiffin closed the session with a brief speech emphasizing the importance of "shifting our focus to the team," at least one thing was certain -- the contagious energy generated during the brief session sets a tone that bodes quite well for the 2010 Trojans.

Check out some photos from the workout:


Quarterback Mitch Mustain (right) reaches out to catch Matt Barkley during figure-8 agility drills.


Kicker Joe Houston (left) and quarterback John Manoogian (right) somersault past assistant coach Ed Orgeron.


With head strength and conditioning coach Aaron Ausmus looking on, defensive linemen Jurrell Casey (left) and Armond Armstead go through abdominal exercises.


Coach Lane Kiffin watches on as defensive back Daniel Harper shuffles through agility bags.


Assistant coach Ed Orgeron gets down to encourage players through barrel rolls.


Players somersault as assistant coach Ed Orgeron watches on.


With assistant coach James Cregg yelling them on, offensive tackles Matt Kalil (left) and Tyron Smith (right) sprint through a figure-8 drill.


Defensive backs Boomer Roepke (left) and Shareece Wright (right) go through three-cone agility drills with assistant coach John Morton watching on.


The Trojans conduct a 45-minute conditioning workout on Tuesday afternoon on Howard Jones Field.


Coach Lane Kiffin speaks to the players following the workout.


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Your comments at halftime in Hawaii were embarrassing. The team isn't about you and your berating the players is a sophomoric display not emblematic of the job you have. You sounded childish and while ratcheting it up at practice (ESP for the safeties) is necessary you put yourself and the school in a poor light. Showing a little class, character and patience breeds confidence in your players and fans. Running around with your hair on fire all pissed does not. The fans and Alumni won't put up with it. Just calm down, fire them up and see where it goes. It isn't about you, it's about the team and it's legacy. You won't last king if you can't shoe some maturity. The last coach never berated his players. Take a lesson.

From a 57 year old Trojan fan.

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