Walk-on tryout info


Walk-on tryouts for currently enrolled USC students will be held on March 29 at 2 p.m. on Howard Jones Field. If you want to try out, you must attend a mandatory informational meeting on Wednesday at 4 p.m. in Heritage Auditorium. 


This is gunna be interesting.. I lost a bet and now I gotta try out for fullback. 6'1 195lbs, never played anything more than a pickup game, reasonably good shape. I'm gunna die right? haha

Hi, I'm Andrew Xavier,and I hope to get accepted into USC by April 1st is there a possible chance for me to do the walk-on football program. Please respond. I'm not a student yet ,I would like to know if I can still try out. Thanks

Hi My Name is Andrew Xavier. I am a Student who has applied to usc! And I visited usc for freshman orientation.I played football in High School, But only one year on Varsity. I did not get any schlorship to any big time schools though, but was good enough. I am hopeing that I will be able to earn like the rest of the the guy's. I feel and play like I am Just as good or better than all of them, just want to get a chance. I been ran over all my life because I was to umble and nice. All it did was mislead to be homeless, When I know At 21 years old I should be heading towards my dream which is the nfl. I must be good, since I am trying to walk on at the best school in football. I am homeless now. And I am trying to get the news to get my some publicity like I deserve to have, because I am somebody you know, but not that somebody I want to be.I am already accepted into the university of florida, and now I am currently waiting to be admitted into usc, which decision comes on april 1st. I know one person does not stop no show, but I wish you all were having the meeting for the walk-on program later on in april sometime just not this soon. Because I wanted to be there, but the rules are since I don't have a name in football yet that you half to be enrolled so I will just leave my email just in case you respond k . Go Trojans! 336-512-6928 God Bless!

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If you are not a student but went to another in state college and want to try out for the football team. How can have a student try out.

I am 6'5 and 220 LBS, I'm not afraid to take the body, I've been known as a bit of a savage on and off the field, I'm dedicated, I'm grateful, I can play centre and wide receiver, don't want to toot my own horn, but I can also play DB. I work hard, play harder. I've been Diabetic my whole life, not asking for pity, the only people I pity are my opponents.

When is the 2016 walk on tryouts?!

I would like to play football for usc and I think that I will make the team...please contact me. I would also like to win a national championship for USC.

I have great hands for a wide receiver, I have not dropped a pass since the 6th grade.

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