Two weeks to go


The countdown to Spring Practice 2010 is now at just 14 days, with the first workout set to begin two weeks from today. Here's the full practice schedule, and be sure to purchase your tickets to the May 1 Trojan Huddle at the Coliseum.


Ben it feels like this is one of those times when no answer is a answer .
One last time will practice be open to the public or not?? No answer is feeling
more like NO than yes. Thank You

I was told by the sports office to call in as the first practice nears. At the time I asked,
there was no confirmation, according to Tim

I am considering flying in on Satuday 5/1 for the Huddle but I cannot get to LAX until 10:30am Pacific. Any idea when we will know the start time?

Blog looks really good mate, keep it up! Inspires me to keep building a following of my own.

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