Thank you and farewell


After three years of running USCRipsIt, the RipsIt Blog and the online presence of the Trojan football team, I am resigning to take a similar position with the Seattle Seahawks.

This site and, most notably, the Blog have grown into something bigger than I could have ever imagined when we started it in August 2007. What began as a shot-in-the-dark idea to disseminate inside information about the Trojans eventually blossomed into what CNBC named the No. 1 all-access blog in sports last fall -- and what a ride it has been from start to finish.

We brought you along where no site has gone before -- inside team meetings, the locker room at halftime and many other never-before-seen places -- as the Trojans captured two Pac-10 championships, two Rose Bowl crowns, three bowl wins and 32 overall victories. But now, more than 10,000 blog entries, countless albums of photos and encyclopedias of memories later, my time at USC has come to an end. While I am excited about a new opportunity, it is also sad to say goodbye to something so close to my heart. USC and its athletic department are unrivaled, and I want to thank all the people who continue to make this university one-of-a-kind, from the most tenured staffer to the most loyal alum to the freshest freshman.

All of our successes over the years would not have happened without you the reader, so I'd like to express my eternal gratitude to you for making this site and this experience so special. Whether you read it daily or hourly and whether you e-mailed in frequently or never, your support of this site and what we were doing in the online sphere made this endeavor such a sensation. And above all, your unwavering support exemplified the power and uniqueness of the Trojan Family.

There's so much gratitude to go around. Thanks go out to the people who worked for USCRipsIt over the years, including photographers Po-He Tseng and Jon SooHoo and student assistants Ricky Cambier and Katie Boggs. This is also an opportune time to thank the behind-the-scenes people in the athletic department who make this football program one of the best in the nation -- and who contributed to this site in their own unique ways: Eric Espinoza, Russ Romano, Chris Grosskopf, Tim Tessalone, Paul Goldberg, Randall Green, Bryan Bailey, David "Pops" Scott, Tino Dominguez and many others.

So in the end, I'd just like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Until our paths cross again, always Fight On.


We will miss you Ben! Any word yet on whether someone else will take up your position here?

Sorry to see you go Ben. You did great work here and it will be missed. Will the blog continue with someone else ?

Benn, Can't tell you how sad I feel to hear that you're leaving. You have been my continued connection to USC since Mark left. I wish you much luck and continued success in your new adventure. Hope we hear from you occasionally. God bless you.

Georgene Peralta
(Mark Sanchez's Aunt)

Congratulations on your new position with the Seattle Seahawks. You started something great and hopefully it will continue. Fight On!!!

I think this story was released 2 days too soon. I'm reading and reading and hoping for the punchline but it never came. I was hoping for "APRIL FOOLS!" If this is legit Ben, congrats and I wish you well. I just hope there's someone that would take over this blog for you.

I'm a Duck fan and I have no problem saying, job well done on this blog. Loved the inside look into the USC program. You and the rest of the team running the blog did a fantastic job. Congrats and good luck in your next endeavor.

Good luck with the Seahawks! Let us know the blog name when you get it running. It'll be great to know what's going on with Pete and the guys. Hopefully, USCRipsit keeps ripping it long after you're gone. Good job on keeping the whole operation afloat! Fight on!

Oh Ben...not exactly the "best news" to start off my Monday! As it is, I do wish you the best and sincerely thank you for all that you've done for us. I wish you the best in Seattle and please keep us up-to-date with what's going on with Pete and yourself!

Do you know if the blog/ripsit will continue??

I'm sure it's been tough on Pete to do all his own tweets. I sure hope that someone else picks up doing this blog. Thanks for everything Ben - Fight On!

Ben you did a great job on this site over the years. I check this site 2-3 times a day for the inside look at USC Football.

With you moving to Seattle, I just might have to become a Seahawks fan!!

I hope you find someone to take over this site so we can still get our inside look into the team here at SC.

Fight on!!

Ben, dude this sucks for us but big ups to you rolling into seattle. Thanks for all you've done to help us stay connected like no other fan group in the world. It was always great to hear sooner/longhorn/volunteer/gator fans always be shocked at how interactive the USC athletic program was w/ us the family/alums/fans. Ready to follow your next site for the hawks. Trojan for life! Fight on!

You will be missed, Ben. Thanks for doing your thing and doing it so very well for us Trojan fans through the years. Best of luck in Seattle. Make sure to take some Cali sun with you so you don't get too wet up there.

Congrats Ben. This is HUGE !!! Although this is a big loss for the SC football program this is a HUGE deal for the NFL. Your innovative approach will be so great for the NFL and its fans. Congrats Seattle, Ben is in the house!!!! FIGHT ON !!!

How dumb can you be to follow Petey to Seattle.I guess you're only looking for temporary employment.

ben ... congrats on a job WELL DONE!. best of luck to you in seattle ... you are going to love it there.

Congratulations, Ben. Best of luck in Seattle. It's a beautiful city.

--Jill Martin
(Murray Scholar 2003)

Ben, unfortunately the Seahawks have about 1/10th the number of fans compared to USC. Not sure it's the best move, but we wish you well........

Wow! Great opportunity for you!

Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and innovative content displayed on USC, day in and day out. You will surely be missed.

Ben, best of luck to you up in Seattle!

Fight On!

Best of luck to you in Seattle, Ben. As a Trojan fan displaced at another "rival" university, you've provided a great source of information, entertainment and happiness in my life with your excellent coverage of Trojan Football.

I wish you the best in your future with Coach Carroll and the Seahawks and hope they enjoy your coverage of their team as much as we did with ours.

Fight On, Ben!

P.S. Any word on Coach Kiffin maintaining the blog in some way?

Sad to see you leave, but happy for your new opportunity and future successes

GREAT, GREAT BLOG that I have enjoyed over and over again. Sorry that you are leaving as you did a great job with this blog. Hope that someone else can come close to your success here.

bye bye Ben, thanks for the close and personal team coverage. I enjoyed that the blog stated facts and was never very opinionated.

Hopefully seattle will step their game up and make the Seahawk Blog iPhone app.

Congrats Ben! Big time with SC and now the NFL! Coach Pete you and the Seahawks have got it all with all the good men from SC up with you. When Pete returns to SC I guess you will follow him back since Pete will return to SC - we can't Win or live without him here in SoCal!
Mike Garrett why on earth did you ever let Pete get away from SC in the first place even if it was an inside job wirh Pete's family to get him out of SC and SoCal? AD Mike Garrett when you retire we need Pete to be the AD/Head Coach next year as your successor! Look into that new President Nikkas!
Trojan players Coach Pete Carroll was the Best thing and it wasn't his fault last year but ypurs' - You the players didn't want to play for Pete - you were lazy - this year you will realize what you had with Pete as your Coach!
Congrats to Pete and Ben! But Pete still do your own tweeting!

Being a USC football fan won't be the same anymore without you at the helm of this blog. I'm disappointed that Kiffin didn't lay in front of the wheels of your car and refuse to let you leave. Now all I'm left with is Jim Hill and Rob Fukuzaki and, Needless to say, they aren't going to give me the inside look into USC football that I've grown accustom to getting. Where am I going to get the shirtless pictures of Allen Bradford running cone drills that I need on a weekly basis?! I hope you enjoy your new job in Seattle and I know you will make the Seahawk football experience exponentially better for fans. 2-to-1!

Congrats and good luck in Seattle. Hope someone can fill your shoes. You will be missed.

I will miss your input. You did a great job!

You do know we will now have to get the info from the Anti-USC blog of Scottie Wolf?

Wish Pete Carroll was here to explain the positive side of this, cause I just do not see it.

This site and USCFootball are the only trusted sources of USC information. And the .com site you have to buy the info.

Pete Carroll just announced this move on his Twitter page.
Congrats Ben....

You both are irreplaceable...Thank you, Ben, from the bottom of my heart.

Ben, you will be missed. I looked to your blog as the life line to the football team. Who can fill your shoes? Nobody!!!

You have served the Trojan Community in a refined and dignified manner.

God, I will miss this blog. I will miss the Friday night updates from the hotels, the plane rides around the country, the stadium walk-thrus. I will miss the practice updates with photos. I will miss it all.

Good Luck you my friend in whatever God has called you to do.


A hearty congratulations to you and a sincere "thank you" to you for all your hard work in keeping us displaced Trojans connected to the program. You did a superb job and will, no doubt, do the same in Seattle.

With any luck, the Kiffin administration will keep this blog rolling and will accept your input on a suitable replacement to fill the very large shoes you are leaving behind.

You have embodied the Trojan spirit with your hard work and dedication to this blog over the past couple of years. You have left an indelible imprint on the program; a mark of excellence to which your successor should strive.

Many thanks and, as always, Fight On!


Ben you will be missed good luck with the new job...hopefully someone takes this job and runs with it as well as you did!!

Selfishly, I have to say this: CRUD!

Now that that's out of the way, good luck on your new gig. You're going to make the Seattle fans hopelessly spoiled. Kind of like we've been....

Looking forward to keeping up with you and Pete, and hoping Kiff will turn RipsIt over to someone. We'd all be very sad if the blog just fell by the wayside, especially after all the work you've put into building it.

Fight On!


Let us know your new info/sites/blogs once you land in Seattle. Would love to continue to follow your writing. Hopefully Coack Kiffin finds a great replacement to keep the site running - it was really a great idea from you and Pete. You will be missed.


Thank's for the memories. Enjoyed your blog from the get-go. Wish you continued success.


Congratulations to you Ben and the Best of Luck in your new position with the Seattle Seahawks! As an Alumni of USC Ripsit was my direct connection to the football program. I have been singing your praises since the beginning of it. Hopefully it will continue with the same quality insight and pictures that you and the photographers provided. Fight On!!

Welcome to Seattle Ben. Glad to have you in the internet capital of the world.

Ben! Wow, makin' moves and fighting on big homey! I wondered if Lane would keep the blog around, but I didn't think YOU would be getting drafted into the League! Great business decision though. I've lived in both towns and they are great for their own'll enjoy it up there. And hit up Ray's Boathouse for some slammin' salmon.

Stating the obvious, this was the best sports blog on the Web just for the inside access to football stuff alone. I'm gonna have to check out what it's like at the NFL level. Photo essays and halftime speeches from the Super Bowl?! Sick.

Thanks for advancing the entire freaking blog genre with your creation and RipsItBlog cult following. Hope Kiff keeps it and let's some young Trojan insider keep rippin' it...Fight On!

Good luck and best wishes. You deserve a promotion... The RipsIt blog was my homepage, though -- to say I'm bummed would be an understatement... Now I have yet another reason to hate the Seahawks..

Good luck in Seattle Ben - you will be missed!

A very deserving promotion and much thanks to a
great Trojan. However, enough of the Seahawks stripping Heritage Hall. When does this end? LK

Great work Ben and wish you only the best in Seattle. Thanks for the tremendous work you've put in the last three years.

Ben, great job, thanks for everything, Fight On! JP

Well what took him so long!?! I don't think I can take much more news of this sort but you did a fantastic job and will continue to do so wherever you go. Thanks to you and Pete for giving us all such an open look into our football program. I especially thank you for the article you did on my window signs. I think I can safely end their era as well. Best of luck to you Ben.

Welcome to Seattle.

Ben: We feared this would happen from the minute Pete's move was announced; he knew he needed you in Seattle to give the Seahawk Fans the same special touch you gave his Trojans. Mornings won"t be the same when we fire up the computer and look for Malcolmson. But, congratulations on moving on up in the internet world. We thank you for giving us up close and personal coverage of our team and the campus. You took us along on the roadtrips and into the locker rooms. That had never been done before and it's no wonder you were judged the best in all intercollegiate websites. Sure you'll set the same innovative standard for the League. Enjoy Seattle, but don't forget your "true home" here in Los Angeles. Be sure to let us know your new link.

Yoe are a great Trojan, and you helped the Trojan Family learn more about USC Football these past years. I wil miss seeing you at practice and on the field so eager to keep us informaed and educated. I wish you all the success and know you wil be great in your position.

Thanks Ben and good luck!

Thank You SO MUCH BEN! As I read these posts, they put chills down my spine. I am a Trojan fan from Central California and your blog was the first site I would log on to every single day! You gave us up to date, and a behind the scenes view of Trojan sports. You did a magnificent job! Hopefully someone can continue the tradition


This is like a death! But seriously congratulations bro, you deserve all you get for the amazing coverage you've brought to the fans over the past few years. Living out of state and being "blacked out" of many games was so frustrating but your coverage kept me beyond "in the loop." I hope you've mentored someone to replace you! We will miss you as much if not more than Uncle Pete...well...almost! Peace and Blessings to you bro good for you!


BEN!!! Im crying....What will the football parents do with out you... I am going to truelly..truelly miss your insite on everything about the TROGANS!!! Me,you & Stafon have shared some special moments together. We wish you the best in what ever your future may hold..We all MUST move on.. As always FIGHT ON!! Kim Mallory

So we lost another one to the Seahawks? When will the heartbreak end?!?!

This is madness.... make it stop.

Thanks for everything
good luck!

I enjoyed reading the blogs. Thank you for all you've done for USC Football. Good luck in Seattle, Ben.

Ben, you absolutely killed it -- thank you for a job well done. You will be missed but congratulations and best wishes on your new gig.

Thank you so much for what you have brought to us readers. You will be missed by many. Good luck in Seattle!

Many thanks for your efforts with the USC blog and continue to Fight On!

Thanks for everything man. Best of luck and Fight On!

There goes the air. This sucks!! You've done something that no other person has done before--you've paved a way for fans to get inside the machine.

Well, I guess we better say so long. Thanks for replying to my emails and answering my questions regarding the Trojans. Our loss is Seattle's gain. You were great for us and you'll be great for them.

Fight On!!!

Wow, Seattle must be a giant black hole, and USC got a little too close.

Sad to see you go, Ben. Great job on the site. Best of luck in Sea-town. Tell Pete I said hi.

Fight On

USC Class of 2008


Many thanks for the great insight that you gave us to the program! I wish you all the very best in your new position.

Fight On!

Art Aguirre

The USC community will miss you man. The USC Rips It site is truly impressive and a joy to peruse. Hopefully for us Trojan fans your successor will have at least a fraction of your energy and enthusiasm.

I know this move to Seattle will be a great opportunity and adventure for you though. I might even have to become a Seattle Seahawks fan...

I've enjoyed reading the behind the scenes atories and all the pictures. I hope the blog continues! Good luck in Seattle, Fight On!

You did a great job Ben. We will miss all the great information you have provided. You did it with a personal touch.

Wishing you the best of success.

Oh nooooo - my world keeps falling apart! Well, Ben, all the best to you. This blog has been integral to the Trojan football renaissance the past decade, and I've always really appreciated your quick and personal responses.

I hope it works out for you, Pete, and the rest of the So Cal expatriates up there. You'll need to look up Ali Hassan too - former Trojan marching band drummer now on the Seahawks drum line.

Once a Trojan, always a Trojan. Fight on, bro!

I too am sad to see you go Ben. I've come to check the blog just as much as my email and it has been an excellent source of all things USC Football for me as a fellow Trojan. I will miss your posts and constant updates, but wish you all the best in Seattle.

Fight On!
USC Class of 2011

You have had an incredible journey at USC beginning with the article for the Daily Trojan that earned you a spot on the football team! Your blog brought a very personal touch to the Trojan nation. Your encouragement of football players blogging was interesting and gives your blog something very special. You certainly deserve all the kudos and awards for taking this idea to excellence. I will you the best in Seattle and I will miss your blogs immensly. Good luck, Ben!

Good for you Ben! Best of luck, Godspeed and of course Fight On!

Of all the painful news coming out of the USC athletic department since the beginning of 2010, this is the most painful. I have continued to tell myself "change is good", but so very much in such a short time? If the blog shuts down completely, the hole in my day will be huge. Maybe I need to get a life, but I have so enjoyed checking in on "my Trojans" every day. The blog has given me a way to feel very connected to my alma mater and proud to be a member of the Trojan family. Best wishes to you and thanks so very much.

So proud of you Ben!! Can't wait to see what you bring to the Seahawks!!

First of all thank you for the work and the insight that you have provided for us,

As some one who grew up and went to school in Southern Cal, that now lives in the Pacific Northwest, I will tell you that Seattle is a great city for 3 months of the year. The rest of the time is very depressing, dark and grey. While I'm not trying to talk you out of this move, I would hope that you know where you are moving too.

Good luck with where ever you go, and the fans at those teams are sure lucky!

for 3 months of the year :)

Please say that after all these comments you have changed your mind?

Or that USC has made you a counter offer that you could not refuse?

Did anyone warn you about the 350 rainy days a year and the resultant raisiny skin condition that comes to all Washingtonyions?

It does sound like a good job. Wish you the best.

Best of luck to you Ben. You've kept us up to date and in the know with SC and Pete. You will be missed, and we will all look forward to hearing from you in your new job. Again, best of luck.

I am so sorry the blog is ending. Personally, I thought that Ripsit would be one of the first things Lame Kiffin would get rid of because everything about it reflects Pete Carroll's open style. With everything now done behind locked gates and guarded offices Ripsit was probably seen as an intrusion.

I'm going to sign up for the Seattle Seahawk's blog as soon as it comes up!

Thanks Ben!

Ben.........Your the best with words and descriptions as you made reading your blog so visual for me, a USC alumni living here in the No.West.
I'm also a "Hawk" fan, I'll be keeping in touch.
I do hope Ripsit will "Fight On" even without you. You started a wonderful site!
Many, many Thanks, Mimi

Congratulations... You will be missed.. Thank You for the past few years keeping us updated our Trojans. Remember always as our family at Julie's would say "One God, One Nation and One University"


Congratulations on your new opportunity. We all knew this day would eventually come. Best wishes to you and every success. As a reader of the USCRipsIt blog from the very beginning I can not tell you how informative and interesting your posts have been. You have taken the simple concept and continually improved it. The insight you have provided us as USC football fans have made us the best informed in college football. This concept was a success because of the quality of your writing and your initiative and inspiration to bring information to us in new and innovative ways. Your written communication skills are superb. That is the factor that set you apart from the rest. Fight On!

Thank you for all of your great work. I read you blog at least once each day. They were informative, entertaining and made us feel like part of the SC program. You seem to know exactly what interests the readers. Good luck to you and Fight On!!

Congrats, we'll miss you, Pete is smart to steal you away....


Thanks for the great work. Looked forward every day to checking your site for new info - super job - good luck in "Rain Country" !!! You will be missed.

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