Spring Practice Primer: Tight ends


Commentary from tight ends coach John Morton

sppellison.JPGMoving on: Anthony McCoy

Fighting on: Blake Ayles, Jordan Cameron, Rhett Ellison, Ian Wandler

Spring expectations for junior Rhett Ellison...
"I'm looking for him to improve on his passing game. He does a great job on the run game and with blocking, so we'll work on the receiving part of his game."

Spring expectations for junior Blake Ayles...
"We need him to just be healthy. He's got to learn how to do everything -- blocking, routes, everything, understanding the whole offense. He's really good after the catch and he brings us toughness. If he's healthy, he can compete and get so much better this spring."

Jordan Cameron moved from wideout to tight end, so what are his expectations for this spring?
"He needs to be in one spot. He's been moved all over the place, so it'll be exciting to see where he's at in this position. He knows the routes and he'll do great with that, but he's got to learn the blocking and protection parts. I'm excited because he's in one spot and he'll be able to really learn it."

Most excited about...
"You've got to always look back on the competition. I want them to strive to get better everyday and try to be the most consistent player, because that's who's going to play."


You include Ian Wandler's name in the list of tightends, yet there isn't one comment written about him. Why is that?

Because Ian doesn't have a chance to play... ever.

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