Spring Practice Primer: Defensive backs


Commentary from defensive backs coach Willie Mack Garza

sppwright.jpgMoving on: S Will Harris, S Taylor Mays, CB Josh Pinkard, CB Kevin Thomas

Fighting on: CB Brian Baucham, CB T.J. Bryant, CB Omari Crittenden, S Patrick Hall, CB Daniel Harper, CB Torin Harris, DB Marshall Jones, S Drew McAllister, S T.J. McDonald, S Ryan McMahon, CB Byron Moore, CB Allen Noble, S Spencer Spiegel, S Jawanza Starling, CB Shareece Wright

Spring expectations for senior Shareece Wright...
"He's been around, he knows the lay of the land and he's probably the most familiar with the defense. I expect quite a bit of leadership from Shareece, giving guidance to some of the young guys and even the older guys. I expect him to be a playmaker and to be the nucleus of our secondary group."

Spring expectations for young cornerbacks such as Brian Baucham, Byron Moore and Torin Harris...
"There will be some transition period as they get familiar with my coaching style and Coach [Monte] Kiffin's coaching style, but I feel like they're really buying into our philosophy. I think there's going to be quite a bit of growth and maturation with those guys in the spring. They just need to pay attention to detail and really be focused on a day-in and day-out basis. They need to compete, because we have a good crop of young guys and basically no returning starters. It's going to be very competitive and it's going to be survival of the fittest out there."

Spring expectations for the safety position...
"As always in spring football, you're working on fundamentals -- tackling, getting off blocks, proper pursuit angles -- and you're always trying to develop that in your safeties. They've got to learn what linebackers do and what all the defensive backs do, since they're like the quarterbacks of the defense. They've got to get comfortable with the package, because there are some differences -- terminology, verbage and a few other things. Hopefully this spring they'll get comfortable with all that so they can play naturally, which allows them to play fast, aggressive and it allows for us to play together as a team."

Most excited about...

"I've got such a good group of guys who love playing football. They're competitive and young, so the potential for growth is there. They know the system. They're eager to learn and absorb new information, they're wanting to be coached and they're wanting to be the very best. And anytime you have that, regardless of talent or ability, you've got to be excited about that because that's what it's all about."


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