Practice admittance policy for Tuesday


USC's opening spring football practice on Tuesday at 4 p.m. will be open only to players' parents/family, plus recruits and media. 

An admittance policy for future USC football practices is being developed by the USC athletic department and will be announced soon.


Damn Pete is in Seattle! Damn Pete's family and the Liewekes' for getting Pete in the NFL. We want Pete BACK - NOW!! No Open practices to the alumni or fans to see our Trojan players. Everyone who didn't like Pete and last year's coaching - what do you think now? Awful we can't even attend practices to see our Trojan players interact with the alumni and fans - no autographs or pictures. Fight on Trojan players not the new coaching staff. Congrats Ben, bet you are glad to be leaving SC. It won't be the same now with Pete and his outgoing persona until Pete returns to SC!

As an alumnus I cringe at the thought that we're stepping back to the God forbid "Larry Smith" era. Lane, get you're you know what together and don't make rules that will end up getting people upset!!! I miss Pete too but I'm also willing to give Lane a chance but practices was the one thing that allowed alumni and fans to meet the players and get closer to the team.

Come on! Everyone knew this was coming when they wouldn't answer any questions. This is Big Mike Garrett running the show now. Well, maybe when he gets shown the door, we can be back to the days when the fans were allowed to attend the camps. We miss you Pete and hope that someone at SC grows some big ones. Fight On!

Calm down the three of you guys! It's only the 1st day of Spring Ball. Give everyone a chance to settle in and get a groove going. Geez!

Coach Kiffin, you go get em and take control of this program and work these players into the SC Trojan football team that they were recruited to be... top notch, championship caliber players. No potential here, just plain ole hard work, best effort, 110% and a lot of yelling by Coach Orgeron to get them motivated to perform at the championship caliber level they can play at.

We're rooting for ya, and if this means closed practices for a while then so be it. Get the job done, and no one will complain; though we do want to get "inside the ropes" so to speak and watch the practices..... As the quote goes from The Wizard of Oz... "all in due time my pretty, all in due time!"
Fight On brothers and sisters.

They've had over two months to get it together and be business like so that doesn't fly with me. I'm very willing to give Kiffin a chance and I'd be the first to say I want him to succeed. I'll admit that USC alumni and fans can be quick to jump the gun but to wait until after 6pm the day before the first practice to announce this is somewhat late don't you think? How many people will never see this blog or the Facebook post and get down there and be turned away? Nothing was ever posted in the numerous spring practice schedules about this so I think they'll be more than a few people told to go home tomorrow.
What really bothers me is that an "admittance policy" is being "developed." If you're going to close practice to all but a select group even if that means "family, recruits and media" then close them to everyone! If you need that kind of discipline to get it together then why should anyone be admitted at all? Maybe when the athletic department let's us know what the policy is going to be this won't bother me so much.

I agree with Bill. I'm willing to give Coach Kiffin a chance as well, but they have had a couple of months already and 6pm the day before is far too late to be making this announcement. I've been looking forward to attending my first *ever* Trojan football practice since my daughter was admitted to USC this spring. Poor form guys.

Very disappointing that they would post this the night before when most people would miss it. Greg, it's easy for you to be calm as you are part of the media and this has no impact on you whatsoever. I too could tell everyone to just calm down if that was the case. Hopefully they will think this through carefully and go back to letting fans, alumni, and their families attend the camps. I think the ones that get the most out of it are the kids who are just in complete awe of the players and truly enjoy watching them practice and getting to interact with them. We'll keep our fingers crossed......

I guess I should cancel my flight to LA. And my visit to 'SC... and my donation? I graduated twice from USC. Open practices were something that set us apart... made us different than every other program. Come on Athletic Dept. Lane Kiffen is not Jim Tressel. We're not a university where everything happens behind closed doors!

I am very disappointed to find out the night before about closed practices. Someone needs to wake up. If it wasn't for the fans and other entitys they would not have the support that they have. How are the Dad's and Mom's that bring their kids to practice to see what a program that we have and to show younger football players what it takes to be the best.

Very disappointed about the closed practice notice for today. Pete Carroll made you feel welcome and part of the Trojan Fooftball Family. When I read the Blog re: no admittance for fans and alums, felt alienated from the once accessible football program.

As an alum and fan I hope they change their policy.

I have to think some practices will be open. I cant imagine Kiffin is going to pull an Ohio State and try to keep everything secret. You can't do that if you allow family and the media. It's either total secrecy or totally open, no? and anyway, all you have to do is climb the bleachers at Dedeaux Field and you can see the practice field quite nicely.

News Alert USC board has ageed with the Fans.As of Now Mike Garrett is Fired as Director of Athletics USC. News at 11 breaking news............News Alert Fired for miss treating the Fans.YOU FIRED

April Fools To Mike Garrett. Bro dont mess with the Fans later skater.We are you Family

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