Orgeron and the Oscars


In his fruitful coaching career, defensive coordinator Ed Orgeron has worked with All-Americans and first-round NFL Draft picks.

You can now add an Oscar winner to that list.

On Sunday night, Sandra Bullock won the Academy Award for best actress for her role in "Blind Side," a film Orgeron had a few brief speaking parts in as the former head coach of Mississippi. Orgeron spent six hours on set with Bullock on an April afternoon last year in Atlanta, and he said he was beyond thankful for the chance to meet her and talk with her while filming.

"She was awesome," Orgeron said. "She's a great person and she immediately made you feel at home. I'm so happy for her and all those people on that film."

Here's Bullock's acceptance speech from Sunday's Academy Awards:


I just found your blog. I love reading your posts.

Wow, I think Sandra is fantastic! Do you think she is really having an affair on Jesse?

Hum, I know Sandra is great! Do you think she is really having an affair on Jesse?

Crazy, isn't it? The lives celebrities live. Though I've often thought how hard it must be to not have any privacy and always have people and photographers everywhere... always in your face. Guess it's one of things where you can't have your cake and eat it too. I think I would rather have riches and skip the fame part,

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