From the Desk of the A.D.


The first in an occasional series, "From the Desk of the A.D." allows you to hear directly from USC athletic director Mike Garrett, who gives you his thoughts on several topical and hot-button subjects for the Trojans and college sports. 

By Mike Garrett
USC Athletic Director

It's been a busy few weeks in and around Heritage Hall.

Whether it's the basketball seasons, a new football coaching staff settling in or several other big topics, our plates have been full with meaty propositions lately. In a feature I'll be doing fairly regularly on this site from now on, I wanted to pass along my thoughts on a few items. I'd love to hear from you, so please post your thoughts in the comments section below:

  • At the NCAA hearings in Arizona a few weeks ago, we're glad we were able to present our case to the NCAA officials. We think that we presented our case very well and we eagerly await the outcome, but as the committee instructed us, we cannot comment on any specifics of the case or the hearings. As much as we'd like to, we just can't say anything else at this time, but we hope to be able to do so shortly. In the coming weeks, we should know much more.

  • Conference realignment and expansion has been an awfully hot topic in the media and among fans recently. It's fascinating to see all the prognostications, and I'd love to offer one myself, but it's all so up in the air right now. It seems as if each conference has a different philosophy and timeline, but I know that new Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott is being very pro-active in looking at the possibilities for our conference. When he gathers more information, the Pac-10 schools will get together and discuss this topic as a conference.

  • While most of the Trojans gain renown for their work in the athletic arena, being a student-athlete is much more than just going to practice and playing in games. Our student-athletes are finding incredible success in the classroom, and it's something we're especially proud of. Nearly half of our student-athlete population earned a 3.0 GPA last fall, including 117 who had a 3.5 and 14 who had spotless 4.0 GPAs. I'd like to congratulate and recognize all our student-athletes who excel in their schoolwork just as much as in their sport -- it's quite an accomplishment. But as successful as our student-athletes were in the fall, we're always striving for more triumphs -- both in the classroom and on the field. As Trojans, we must never rest or be satisfied with status quo, no matter how good it may be.

  • What am I most excited about right now? The spring athletic schedule is always so jam-packed, so it's fun to have a USC sporting event to attend or watch almost every day of the week. I'm especially looking forward to seeing our women's basketball team play at the Galen Center against the Arizona schools this weekend and in the Pac-10 tournament next weekend, as well as the men's tennis team, which is ranked No. 5 and has a home match against Wake Forest next Wednesday. And of course, I'm really excited to see Lane Kiffin and his staff get to work and start a new chapter in USC football when Spring Practice begins on March 30.


Very cool. Like to see the engagement with the fans and see what dialogue takes place. Nice initiative!

What are Mike Garrett's thoughts as to the expansion of the conference? If he agrees with expansion, which colleges would he like the conference to include?

After several years of being almost invisible to the media and fans, it is nice to see AD Garrett step forward to be more proactive and accessible.

AD Garrett's involvement is a necessary ingredient for the success of all the programs.


Great idea to have AD Mike Garrett be more involved. Mr. Garrett try and bring back Pete Carroll! Now that would be exciting with Pete Carroll - Football; Michael Cooper - Women's Basketball and Kevin O'Neill - Men's Basketball --- three Great Coaches! Fight on!

I wholeheartedly agree that this is a great idea for Mike to share his thoughts regarding SC athletics on this site!

On a related issue, it would be greatly appreciated if the current rosters for the SC Track and Field teams can be updated! Here we are starting the season, and we still don't know what the complete roster is to date for the current Men's and Women's squads?? There's no pdf of the Media Guide listed.
Thank you and FIGHT ON!

AD Garrett, it's great to hear from you. I hope that you keep this open dialogue. You are a GREAT Trojan and I respect your philosophies. Keep up the great work! FIGHT ON!!

Good to see MG more visible.
A bit disappointed though that when speaking of Spring sports and the excitement thereof Mike neglects to mention one of USC's most traditionally renowned sports. The Track & Field team and how it is promoted, supported or respected is deplorable. The SID still hasn't posted the new media guide or roster.
This year’s Trojan Huddle football scrimmage is scheduled the same day and time as the ONLY USC home track meet this year. Don't get me wrong, I'm a football season ticket holder and the SID does a great job of providing more than enough information on the football team. I’d like to go to the track meet as well as the scrimmage though. Basketball gets its share of pub too but sadly T&F is neglected.
Sad that even though the Trojan's have handed the cross-town school defeats in Football, Basketball and T&F in the past year AND we have the superior SID office (at least for FB) yet their website has had the T&F teams site fully populated with the 2010 media guide, rosters, etc. for some time now.
It appears that neglect starts at the top.

I can only hope our SID capabilities can be expanded so they can handle more than one sport at a time allowing ALL USC fans the enjoyment of the Trojan legacy!

Mike --
Two of the reasons I'm a USC alum are Ben Wilson and John McKay. Thank you for continuing the tradition of excellence at Southern Cal. Fight On.

Ben - great addition to the blog! I think this site has been a big reason as to why the media believes SC athletics is so open. I think Mr. Garrett using this space to talk to the fans of the football program (and other sports) makes great sense.

Fight on!

Terrific initiative for Mike Garrett to add his voice to the dialogue in this blog. The comments are so well written Ben must have had a hand in putting them together. Mike Garrett is a great Trojan. I'm pleased to see him take a more public profile. Fight On!

Thank you Mr. Garrett and every other person who strives everyday to keep this great University moving forward. Fight On!

This is a great blog! It will be wonderful for everyone to see that Mike Garrett is a dedicated AD who typically works behind the scenes - much to the chagrin of the negative press. He deserves our respect. He is USC's 1st Heiman winner and picks great coaches...not just football but the other sports too. He cares about all the programs and his athletes. Not everyone has the open personality of Pete Carroll. Garrett and Kiffin will not not our socks off with charisma but - they will deliver! Fight On!

Great read. Thank you!

Mr. Garrett,
I really love SC football and feel that you really did well with the Kiffin hire. I'm not sure why the facts seem to escape the media, such as: 1) The fact that SC went from 49 points per game to merely 30 the year after he left as Offensive Coordinator. 2) The fact that Tennessee went from 17 points per game to 29 after Lane took over. 3) The fact that he and Ed are possibly the best recruiters in the country. 4) The fact we now have one of the best groups of defensive coaches in the country thanks to Lane. 5) The fact that Al Davis made a huge mistake in Russell and expected Lane to fix his mistake. No one can and Lane wasn't given any time either.

Further, given Lane's and Ed's true love for the Southern California area to live and raise their families as well as their love for SC will make them likely to remain for a long time. I think you should get a medal and be hailed as one of the greatest ADs in college football history landing Carroll who is clearly one of the greatest and now Lane who I feel will follow and maybe even surpass Carroll’s legendary marks. Great job!!!

Mr. Garrett,
thanks for providing exceptional leadership in our athletic department. On occasion, during the football season, I had the opportunity to hear you interviewed. With every interview I came away more impressed with your relentless pursuit of success for our teams. You demand high moral character, courage and disdain for quibbling. I look forward to your insights. Here's to continued success for the men and women of Troy.

TS '93

Great stats to know and I look forward to this year.

Great addition! I'm sure harsh Mike Garrett critics would say 'overdue' - this should quiet them down a bit and for at least a little while.
Continued success and FIGHT ON!

Thank you for your candor. This needed to be said once and for all.

It is difficult to explain being a USC Alum... To some it seen as others it is seen as an increase in wealth, to some it is seen as a cockiness in our walk...

In truth it is knowing we all studied in the same hallowed halls of education...and developed relationships with fellow students and faculty that last a lifetime! In short we believe!

Fight On! It is great to be a part of the Trojan Family and a USC Alumi!

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