Eyes on the prize


This evening's conditioning session with the players and coaches wore the Trojans down, but also built them up.

After all, even though it's only March, they're working for titles.

"We're getting better," Coach Lane Kiffin said after the brief dusk-time session on Howard Jones Field. "You've got to understand -- we're winning championships now, in these workouts."

Check out some photos from this afternoon's workout:

Linebackers Chris Galippo (near) and Ross Cumming (far) dive through the air during a drill.

Cornerback T.J. Bryant runs through a drill as defensive backs coach Willie Mack Garza encourages him on.

Offensive linemen Michael Reardon and Khaled Holmes put on the brakes during an agility drill.

Linebackers coach Joe Barry urges on defensive linemen Malik Jackson (left) and DaJohn Harris.

Coach Lane Kiffin watches on as his players go through a conditioning drill on Howard Jones Field.

Coach Lane Kiffin speaks to his players after the workout.


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