Cone heads


As distant as the 2009 season may seem for the Trojans right now, there's one element that's sticking around.

And it might not be gone any time soon.

Several players, incited by offensive lineman Michael Reardon's playful idea, spent downtimes in practices late last fall throwing up a traffic cone to try and get it to wiggle onto the goalpost on Brian Kennedy Field. After three weeks of devoted attempts during every practice, Reardon was finally successful, and two other teammates soon followed suit with cone-to-upright throws of their own.

"It was just a fun thing we did before service period every day," said Reardon, who's heading into his redshirt junior season. "I was the first one to do it and then it caught on like wildfire. Everyone was trying."

The sight -- one cone on the left upright and two on the right upright -- is both peculiar and laughable, as it seems very out of place. But Reardon, who said he employed a "keg toss like you see in strongman competitions, with just the right spin," views it as a work of art that took weeks to complete.

"When I finally got it, everyone knew and everyone was all excited, because they saw I had been trying for so long," Reardon said of the late-season milestone.

Apparently, though, one man's treasure is another man's trash. The athletic fields maintenance team, a squadron of workers in charge of taking care of the Howard Jones grass and entire practice facility, has been left scratching their collective head on what to do with the strange location of the traffic cones.

"When we first saw it, I was like, 'How in the hell did they do that?'" athletic fields supervisor Eric Warren said with a smile. "That is crazy."

The maintenance workers are now facing a dilemma -- do they leave the cone arrangement as is or bring out a lift and cut off the cones to give the uprights a more normal look? Either way, Warren lightheartedly promised retribution.

"We'll have something good for the players," Warren said.


Thanks to the funny work of offensive lineman Michael Reardon and two teammates, the goalpost on Brian Kennedy Field features three total traffic cones on its uprights. Players would spend downtime in practices last fall playfully tossing up traffic cones to try and get them to land on the uprights, and after three weeks of trying, they were finally successful.


Sooo funny I started seeing him do that from my window prior to practice. Eventually there were a few guys doing it. Never got to witness one actually land though.

awesome Ben, i love the Scout shout out.

impressive, indeed.

impressive, indeed.

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