Building the team

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School was in session just after sunrise for the Trojans today.

During a team meeting this morning, new special teams coordinator John Baxter, renowned for his highly regarded "Academic Gameplan" program, led the players and coaches through an interactive and informative academic-focused session in Heritage Auditorium, sharing key concepts and life skills through a multimedia presentation and mind-game activities.

"What you just heard are things that translate to winning championships," Coach Lane Kiffin said following Baxter's 45-minute presentation.


During a team meeting in Heritage Auditorium this morning, special teams coordinator John Baxter leads the players through part of his renowned "Academic Gameplan" presentation.

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YES!!!! A renowned program that focuses on ACADEMICS for our football athletes. I would like USC to become like STANFORD in terms of academics, graduation rates and GPA and lead the nation in All-American academic honors! Fight On!

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