Another day of improvement


Day by day, the Trojans are improving.

Under the coaches' guidance, players hustled through a circuit of conditioning and agility drills, their fourth such session of the offseason. All the work leads into Spring Practice, set to begin March 30.

"You guys are getting better," Coach Lane Kiffin told the players after the brief yet intense workout. "It's night and day from 2 weeks ago, even yesterday. Let's keep it up."

Check out some photos from the session:

Wideout Robbie Boyer (right) chases David Ausberry during a conditioning drill.

Quarterback Mitch Mustain turns the corner during an agility drill.

Special teams coordinator John Baxter leads defensive linemen (from left to right) Derek Simmons, Christian Tupou, Kevin Greene and Malik Jackson through a drill.

Linebackers coach Joe Barry encourages cornerback Daniel Harper through agility bags.

Defensive backs Daniel Harper (left) and Ryan McMahon race to the finish of an agility drill.

Fullback Stanley Havili gets pushed out of the way by wideout/tailback Dillon Baxter during a conditioning drill.

Defensive coordinator Ed Orgeron leads the players through a conditioning drill.

Coach Lane Kiffin speaks with his players following the workout.


I heard it was against the NCAA rulings for players and coaches to interact before Spring Practice began? I hope my alma mater won't be in more violations with the NCAA? I remember in years past the players and coaches had to wait until Spring Practice. Looking in the USC blog last year I didn't locate any interaction between players and coaches on Howard Jones Field until spring practice. The players just worked with on their strength and conditioning program. It makes me and my friends wonder. Fight on!

Seems like you missed Ben's previous post Alex. The NCAA permits a limited number of S&C workouts leading up to Spring practice. No footballs or football-specifics are allowed.

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