The next big step: NFL Combine

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0224combine.jpgThink of it as a job interview -- except on national TV, in front of hundreds of high-level executives and with millions of dollars riding on just a few seconds.

The 2010 NFL Combine officially begins today, with 11 Trojans set to arrive in Indianapolis to begin the four-day evaluation process in front of executives and coaches from all 32 NFL teams.

All players will go through the same four-day rotation during the Combine, simply starting it on different days this week. Here's what the schedule looks like:

  • Day 1: Travel, registration, pre-exam and X-ray, orientation, interviews
  • Day 2: Measurements, exams, media, psych tests, interviews
  • Day 3: NFLPA meeting, psych tests, interviews
  • Day 4: Workout (timing, stations, skill drills), departure

Offensive linemen, tight end and specialists begin the cycle today; quarterbacks, wideouts and running backs start Thursday; defensive linemen and linebackers begin Friday; and defensive backs start Saturday. Here's a look at the 11 Trojans, sorted by position and start date, who were invited to the 2010 Combine.

Starting at the Combine today
OL Charles Brown
OT Jeff Byers
OL Alex Parsons
TE Anthony McCoy

Starting at the Combine on Thursday
TB Stafon Johnson
TB Joe McKnight
WR Damian Williams

Starting at the Combine on Friday

DE Everson Griffen

Starting at the Combine on Saturday

S Taylor Mays
DB Josh Pinkard
CB Kevin Thomas

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