High praises for new strength coach Ausmus


ausmus.jpegNew head strength and conditioning coach Aaron Ausmus has been on the job for just a few weeks, but he's already made a strong first impression.

Players, who are in their fourth week of the offseason program, have been giving rave reviews concerning their new strength coach, praising his fresh energy, the new-and-improved workout plan and the team bonding that's occurring. Check out the Trojans' acclaims for Ausmus:

  • Center Kristofer O'Dowd: "I'm real fired up. You can just tell there's a new vibe in the weight room -- everyone's reacting well to the workouts. Everybody has really stepped in and believed in his system. There's high energy every day."

  • Quarterback Matt Barkley: "I think that he brings a lot of intensity and vibrancy to our workouts. He pushes us so much and we're leaving every workout feeling dead tired. It's awesome."

  • Linebacker Devon Kennard: "I like how he lays the workouts out -- legs one day, upper body the next, and conditioning on the days we do upper body. How he has the workouts set up is really cool. It keeps us fresh so we can get the most out of them."

  • Defensive lineman Armond Armstead: "He's always intense and doesn't let us slack off at all. We've got to work hard all the time. He gets on us and pushes us hard. He's a really good coach and what he does makes a lot of sense. And the best part is that I feel like I'm getting better."

  • Safety Drew McAllister: "We're focusing a lot more on flexibility and the work is a lot more position-specific. The way his program has been so far, we're definitely moving toward getting better."

  • Linebacker Chris Galippo: "He's awesome. The guys are definitely buying in. His workout plan of doing legs one day and upper body the next is extremely injury-preventative."

  • Kicker Joe Houston: "Since he's been here, I've lost weight but gotten stronger and faster. He's doing things right. He's so hands-on, which we all really like. There's some really good energy, and he makes it more team-oriented. I can't say enough good things about him."

  • Offensive lineman Michael Reardon: "He's a motivator. I absolutely love the guy. He's brought us closer together than ever before. The energy is different. It's been awesome."

  • Tight end Blake Ayles: "He's a real active and enthusiastic guy. He's like a motor -- always running. And he's a great communicator. I really feel like I'm getting a lot better."


This is awesome! Please do more articles on the coach and strength and conditioning program!!! I'd like to see how their weight room program is? This coach is going to whip the team in to championship form! Fight On!

Thanks Ben, great comments by the players and pretty good consistent insight from them about the new coach. THANKS!

Many thanks for this particular content. Quite often, the best research originate from the places you actually may not expect. So far, I didn't give quite much thought to leaving comments on web log posts and have left feedback even less. Looking through your powerful blog, is going to inspire me to do this on a regular basis.

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