Thankful Carroll says goodbye


Pete Carroll just met with his now-former assistant coaches in the War Room one last time, sharing his appreciation for and thoughts about their collective run at USC during the past seasons.

"For all your work and all you've done over the years, I'm forever indebted," Carroll told his now-former staffers during the brief meeting. "I love you guys -- you've been awesome.

"Thank you, I appreciate it."


No thank you pete. Now CJ gets a chance to play. HEISMAN!


1:55 pm Allen Bradford just spoke to us and said he wants to have a players only meeting in the team lockerroom following the official 2:30 pm team meeting today. He said someone has to step up and that is the role he is going to take. When asked what he will say he said whatever comes from his heart. He said this team is hungry and they want to win. Both he and Jurrell Casey said they urge recruits to stay committed, because it is the players who play on Saturday and not the coaches, and they still have great players here.


BTW can we now change the name of this site? USC RIPS IT is for 10 year olds. How about we stay true to our school and call it Enough with the PC lingo.

is ben malcolmson still gonna be running the website? and are we gonna change the name of this site? i would also like to see marc tyler get a chance this kid is the real deal!!! he will be our next heisman winner if he gets the touches!!!

Are you staying at SC or going north with your dad? As a life long fan and someone who lived down the street from you guys on Eastfield and I used to see all of you playing volleyball in your yard, this whole thing seems surreal. I wish you and your family the best.

Bo Kelly

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