So long, farewell


Soaked with heavy emotion, Heritage Auditorium became the setting for Pete Carroll's final farewell to the players this afternoon.

Carroll, wearing a button-up shirt and slacks instead of the usual coaches gear, quietly shuffled to the front of the room, breaking the poignant silence with a speech that will be remembered by these Trojans for a long, long time.

"This has been ridiculously fun and it's been the joy of my life," Carroll told his former players, who sat muted by the moment. "I will always be forever grateful for what we did here. It's been as good as I can ever imagine."

Carroll, visibly choked-up a few times during his 10-minute address, broached the subject of why he took the Seattle Seahawks head coaching job, saying it was "too big of a competitive opportunity to pass up."

"I couldn't miss it," Carroll said.

Even though Carroll now moves on, he repeatedly referred to the highly connected atmosphere created over the years in the program.

"This is something we'll always have," Carroll told the players. "We're connected -- always connected."

Carroll then discussed the pressing question on every player's mind: What now? The new coach will be in soon -- "it's not going to take but a few days," Carroll said -- and the new chapter can begin for the program.

"The uncertainty you feel, don't let it take you the wrong way," he said. "Do what you came here to do."

As his speech wound down, Carroll stood in silence at the front of Heritage Auditorium, gazing around the room and intently looking into the eyes of seemingly every single player.

"From the deepest of my heart, I love you for what you did," he told them. "Thank you guys. I've loved every minute of it.

"This has been really, really special."

His final time with his former players, Pete Carroll says goodbye to the Trojans in Heritage Auditorium this afternoon.


Wow. I totally broke into tears. Pete gave his heart to USC, to Los Angeles, and to his players. Pete Carroll is one of my heroes.

Excellent coverage Ben. Is it bad to admit that I am weeping? What's in your future?

Is there a video of this somewhere?

Ben, I hope this blog continues....I am a BIG fan!

Ben you do great all the time but you are at your very best in helping people to understand the tough stuff. I think Coach Pete put the best face on this and hopefully the new recruits will want to fight on!!! Thanks!

Goodbye recruits,hello sanctions. Hot diggity dog. Thanks for the memories and the Range Rovers.

I am out of the loop for a week and come back to this.
Pete had a good thing going on in LA.
What does Seattle have? A sh!* team.
I don’t think he will do as well as he did in LA.
I do thank him for bringing USC back to glory.
Good luck Pete.
Fight on SC

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