Seto to move on


Seto_Rocky.jpgDefensive coordinator Rocky Seto, who has been involved with the USC football program as a player and coach since 1997, will not be retained on new head coach Lane Kiffin's staff.

"For almost my entire life, I always dreamt about being a part of the 'SC football program," said Seto, a former Trojan linebacker (1997-98) who went on to coach at Heritage Hall for 11 seasons. "I'm thankful God allowed it to happen for the last 13 years. It's been wonderful.

"I'm totally at peace with what has happened, which is a total miracle from God. The Lord taught me over the years to not put my hope in things or jobs or the stuff of this earth. The only thing that's lasting is Jesus Christ."

Seto said he's not sure what his next career step will be at the moment.

"I'm excited to see what the Lord has next and to see where He leads us," said Seto, husband to Sharla, a former USC soccer player, and father of three children. "The Lord is good. We can have peace in Him."


We will miss you! Best of everything to you, Sharla and those beautiful children of yours. God will provide. Liz

I think it's just wrong but you are a special person and good things will come to you and your family. Best of luck Rocky!

Judging by Coach Seto's magnanimous attitude towards his dismissal, you cannot tell me the football program and its young men will not miss his moral compass. There is a reason Coach Carroll named Seto his defensive coordinator. Seto may have needed more on the job training to become the full D coordinator he could be, but he brings so much more to a football team and to young men than the mere Xs and Os. A faithful servant, of God and of the Trojan Family, Coach Seto will be missed. I guess that means Kiffin is not keeping anyone from PC's administration. I am not sure if that will make him a better head coach or his program a better one, but he will miss pieces of Carroll's foundation that helped make Carroll and his era a success: Norton, Carlisle, Ruel, and now Seto. Hope the new guys can fill their outside the game of football shoes.

Coach Seto,
Will miss you.
Thanks for all your coaching at FlashBack Camps over the years with me.
Will miss.
Thanks for coaching me!

Thank you for sharing the peace and courage the Lord has given you, what a great testimony. In Christ you can do all things!

Fight On!

Your faith in the Lord and your willingness to glorify him in this day and age is inspiring. I pray that the Lord will bless you and your family.

Yours in Christ,


Rocky, The best of everything in the world to you, Sharla and your darling childre.
I will miss you.

Dear Coach Rocky,
Hopefully you will be forwarded these messages to you and your family.
Your witness and willingness to glorify God and share your testimony is an inspiration. You have your priorities in order. Placing your faith and trust in Jesus Christ to lead you will not go unrewarded, although I suspect you're not looking for a reward!!
I will miss seeing your big smile. As I told Coach Ruel, I will miss your friendliness and accessibility toward a regular fan like me. Hopefully our paths will cross again at USC...
or "Someplace Better"! FIGHT ON!!
Yours in Christ, Mary

"For I know the plans I have for you saith the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and future."

Jeremiah 29:11



The best wishes you can have for your kids to be around people like Coach Seto.
When you are gone from earth, you want to leave marks like Coach Seto, not how many trophies.

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