Offseason gets off the ground


More than six months before the first practice of the fall and more than seven months before the opener in Hawaii, Friday -- for all intents and purposes -- marks the start of the 2010 season for the Trojans.

Players will begin the winter offseason strength and conditioning program on Friday morning, commencing an eight-week regimen that'll carry the Trojans, healthy and primed, into Spring Practice 2010 in late March. Head strength and conditioning coach Chris Carlisle and staff will lead the players through a four-workouts-a-week program, conducted in roughly 100-minute sessions at four time slots -- 6 a.m., 8 a.m., 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. -- during the day.

The start of the offseason program comes 26 days after the Trojans played in the Emerald Bowl. Many players have been working out voluntarily since returning from break last Monday, but Friday's official start signals a momentous new beginning for the program.

"We're ready to get going," said Carlisle, who's entering his tenth season at USC. "We're ready to start the Lane Kiffin Era off."


Has it been ascertained if Pat Ruel has been retained or let go? I'm happy Coach Carlisle has stayed on. With the hiring of Cregg can we find out just what his coaching duties are? Nice to see they kept Ripsit!

"We're ready to start the Lane Kiffin Era off."

One thing for sure, a whole lot of people are starting to talk about "The Lane Kiffin Error"

What's the latest?
Are the sanctions causing any of the recruits to re-think their commitment?

Robert Mc: Recruits are all in the fold. Kiffin and his staff kept them all. Prater enrolled already. Baxter is enrolling this week or early next. And everyone else is a solid commit.

I am very pleased to see Chris Carlisle is back.

Hopefully, we will see some of the other coaches return as well.

Pete Sanchez,
What about all of the Tennessee recruits that Orgeron is trying to bring to LA? Are they enrolling?

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