New digs


Lane Kiffin's new home -- the head football coach's office in Heritage Hall -- has been cleared out and cleaned up in anticipation of his arrival today. The office has undergone a massive change in the past 36 hours as Pete Carroll has left and Kiffin prepares to move in (see it on Monday night and Tuesday night).


I am going to miss that "I'm In" license plate and the Joe McKnight picture on the wall. Ah, the good ol days.

If I remember right, Kiff had the "I'M IN" sign when he was with the raiders so hopefully we'll still have the sign! I'll miss the plate though too. Fight On!

Ben, did you write the welcome message on the whiteboard!?!

UGLY furniture!!! This is USC, like the Vatican in Rome!! Give the guy some money to buy some modern furniture!!

Tim you sound really mad about losing such an "overrated" coach. Calm down. It's just business not personal. Well actually maybe it was and he just hated living around southern retards like you.

Tim, you should really re-read what you posted. Do you really want his wife to develop a life threatening disease or his kids to be taken away just because he left UT? Do you really understand what you said? Do you? I don't think you do. I wouldn't wish that kind of stuff on anyone, let alone because of college football.

Thought I shed my last tear... 'til I saw this photo...

Coach Kiffen married well, and I really appreciate her volunteer work with the KARM feeding the homeless, I wish their family continual success and hope that the coach finds what he is searching for, it's not all about football, Tennessee is a land of grace and gratitude and true Southern Hospitality and hopefully Coach Kiffin and his family will feel or take the opportunity to visit Knoxville in the future and feel the acceptance that we will exhibit unto him and his family. Our football team is not based upon a coach, but upon a people who care and appreciate their football and sports deeply, but sometimes loyality gets in the way of who we really are, a peaceful, kind, and hospitable people, who have no ill will toward any, but are caught off guard in a surprise situation of which I offer my apology for adding fear and stress to his family. With all the events that have taken place surrounding the sports news recently, it was perhaps, too much to digest at once, I hope that in the future a coach, player, etc.., feels free to make a move for their benefit, without fear of reprisal of the fans or the staff, after all, Tennessee is about turning players and coachs into professionals and we will try to continue that goal. Good luck Coach Kiffin and family we wish you well.

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