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In some final, low-key moments at USC, Pete Carroll reclines in his desk chair and chats with (clockwise from top) Matt Barkley, Allen Bradford and C.J. Gable tonight in Heritage Hall's head football coach's office. Carroll is scheduled to fly to Seattle tonight and be introduced as the Seahawks' new coach on Tuesday morning.


We'll miss you Pete! We wish all the best with the Seahawks!

Egotistical and self centered.... It's all about your "goals" and your "challenges"... You've left a mess.... and all you care is your next challenge. What are you leaving behind? Certainly not coaches.... Pls clean out your office and get out of town asap before these sanctions hit us....

Geeez...some people... Hey Pete was the greatest coach USC has had. He brought a lot of highlights to the university. His departure will be very significant. Life goes on, and any kid who had committed to USC and wants to back out because Pete is leaving doesn't need to come there. We want kids who will make the experience part of their life not just a few football experiences or a stepping stone for the pros. The mature thing to do is to wish Pete the best and hope we get a coach worthy of his departure. All in all it's USC tradition and that's the key.

"His" departure?

It's not his departure...
It's his departure
Pat Ruel's departure
Ken Norton's departure
Jeremy Bates' departure
Jethro Franklin's departure
The departure of all top 5 start recruits.

What's he leaving SC?

SC Alum - you act like a spoiled child. PC doesn't owe you or the school anything. He took SC to the very top, a place I never thought we'd see 10 years ago. We should all wish him well and thank him. But then again, you and a contingent of our fan base probably couldn't name the starting QB before Carson Palmer if I spotted you Mike and Van.

PETE, WE'RE SAD YOU'RE LEAVING!Thankfully, the news that Papa Pete Carroll was leaving his post as coach at USC to return to the NFL to helm the Seattle Seahawks broke mostly over this past weekend. Word is the official announcement will be made at a press conference sometime tomorrow. At any rate, the timing saved this author tons of begging and unsightly groveling. Thanks for that, Papa Pete!
That his departure saddens the core of the USC football fan base goes without saying. Papa Pete brought us many, many years of excitement and victory. We held our heads high and basked in the glory. We packed the Coliseum and travelled to what games we could.
That every good thing comes to an end is inevitable. Nobody that loves and admires Papa Pete can blame him for leaving now and jumping at this golden opportunity. He has enhanced the USC football program, the surrounding USC community and the nation with his shining example. I wish for him now that he not get splashed when the scandals hit the fan, for he doesn't deserve it. It's time for the college recruiting system to clean house. Anyone who has ever gotten close to a university sports program in anyway can tell you that what has happened with Reggie, Damian, etc. is just business as usual. Business behind closed doors, that is.
But if you just happened to have a kid whose apartment was in the same huge on-campus complex as the football players, and said same child also marched in the band during the Carson Palmer years, your eyes got opened real wide, real fast. When you visit for parent's weekend or just because, and the complex parking lot is filled with Lexus and Cadillac SUV's right along side the dilapidated Honda's and Toyota's you don't have to ask too many students before you find out who the 'rich' kids are: the football team.
But don't be misled here. For alot of the players are just struggling students like many of the rest attending USC. My own daughter attended solely because of her intelligence and drive AND the fact that she received a 50% scholarship! Otherwise, it might have been community college for her, too! And Papa Pete is known for his character and record when it comes to recruiting, and wearing blinders as concerns station and privilege.
Just as in politics though, there's lots of behind the scenes wrangling in college sports. It's almost impossible to LIVE and attend school at a university like USC if you're not well off. The cost of living in L.A., books, tuition, labs, dorms, cafeteria, etc., etc., can eat any budget alive unless you're The Donald! I like to point to my daughter's diploma and tell people: 'that little piece of paper only cost me $200K!'.
A coach must have reasonable expectations of functioning within this system and still retain his dignity, if he is a man of morals; the fine line walked everyday depends on the individual coach. Otherwise, the college coaching system would be manned by lots of lamers. I, personally, don't see that in college sports.
So, to the college sports authority: IT'S TIME TO 'FESS UP & FIX! WE don't care if some running back needs a car to get around! I ride the bus in L.A., not much fun! Why shouldn't we help the qb's family if they need it? They have worked just as hard all their lives to produce that fine young student, football player and man. They deserve it! Should they miss the championship game just because like alot of us, they live paycheck to paycheck? That wouldn't be fair, would it? What if that tailback was YOUR kid and YOU were in that boat?
And finally, to Papa Pete: As a happy USC mom of a daughter who marched with pride, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the thrills and the chills! My daughter's college experience was MORE than a dream come true, it was actually a small miracle she was able to attend such a fine institution. A large part of my own enjoyment of these years (and her's) stemmed from the football games and the outstanding job you did as head coach in leading us from triumphant victory to triumphant victory. These are memories I hold very dear and will forever treasure. BEST OF LUCK to you in your third attempt at the NFL, though I feel very strongly you won't need it. Your warmth, wit and character have come shining through in your stint her at dear old USC. I'm sure you'll only shine brighter in Seattle! Who knows, I might even miss you so much, I'll ditch da Bears! FIGHT ON, PETE & thanks!

It has always been my dream to play for Pete at USC, maybe after I'm done at USC I can play for him in Seattle. Good luck Pete, you have left us with wonderful memories and you will always be my favorite coach!

Priceless. Thanks for everything you've done and all the people you've inspired, Coach. It's been one helluva ride. The program is in good hands with the likes of those three leading the way; I have no doubt you have prepared them to handle anything, and live and preach your philosophies even in your absence as we prepare to fight on as Trojans and continue to win forever. Good luck, PC.

looking at the photo makes me wonder what me wonder what more he can ever gain in the NFL than in the photo. here he has three star players who are young and moldable who look up to carroll with respect and maybe a bit of awe and yet, i would imagine, as a friend. i wish all the best to pete but i don't think i could have given that up.


Thanks for the great memories over these past nine years. I will never forget the 2001 year when the trojan walk had not taken off yet. But still, I stood there waiting for you and the team to make your way in, and it is at that time that our eyes connected. Several trojan walk later, I hope to travel up to seattle and see you once again.

Thank you Pete for doing what you did for SC! You put us back on the map and then some. I will miss you and everything you did. What incredible memories you gave us. I feel like you did everything you could do and I don't blame you for one second for leaving. Man, those 9 years were incredible. Selfishly, I'm sad inside, but I know that the new coach will be great and do fantastic things. I'll be rooting for you in Seattle Pete, once again, Thank you for everything you did and 9 incredible years. Fight On!!!!!!

It's about timing and loyalty
We appreciate everything he's done....Couldn't ask for more.
He's given his words to some of us that he would not leave... but he left....He taught us about loyalty... to the team, to the staff, to the school...
Sure he doesn't owe anything to anyone.... but loyalty is important.
What happened to the commitment he received from our recruits who planned to come to SC for him?
What about the job uncertainty of the coaching staff? The timing of his departure is regrettable...
With the NCAA sanctions coming down, where the school stands right now, with the Dave Watson situation, with the Bush situation, with the McKinght situation, after the kind of season we had.... is this really the time to move to a "bigger" challenge?

We know evryone's got to go someday, and we can't blame them for doing so, but man, his deparure took a lot out of us... Not kidding but many of us felt let down, was like the Baltimore Colts disappearing in the middle of the night to go to Indy... Coach always told us "Team First" and "Protect the Team"... This time it was "team Last" (we were the last to know).

We wish him well but we've got to let everyone know this was a huge disappointment...Coach taught us the ultimate 2 lessons... Always Expect the Unexpected ... and... Loyalty doesn't mean a thing.

Fight On...

And for all new recruits, it's not about the coach, its about the school and program.. U place too much importance on the coach, you may end up just like us, hugely disappointed and let down

There is no happy equation to the process of change, and this one goes deep because you really felt it was a man that looked like he had it all. The mentorship and Leadership lessons is elite, and legendary.

I agree with most that Pete had a quality about him that lead men into battle on the field and in life. The University experience is all about teaching the leaders of tomorrow. It seemed like it defined Pete as a better fit, more than running a business as a CEO.

... even with bringing a Superbowl to the Pacific Northwest, I dont think it will be as romantic as the allure he had created in the Coliseum on Saturday with men who became leaders at the University.

Mike Riely tried to do the same "press conference" philosophy when he left OSU to go coach the San Diego Chargers. Same equation, West Coast... team in transition... bigger challenge. What Mike learned is that he was built a different way as a business man. He was "not" a good babysitter, he was better with mentoring and teaching. The university has so much more to offer life as a job for Pete, but thats just my opinion.

As a player that was left... its very confusing. You have to make the best of the experience and opportunity to be on the big stage. Relationships that last forever.

Pac 10 is on the rise, and USC has a long tradition that dates back far before PC. He was the biggest footprint to date, but the tradition is rich in history.

Fight On!

Today things are looking up. After the shock of losing a legend, we know know who are new coach will be, Lane Kiffen, and all the tremendous coaching talent that he will bring.

So we look forward to next year and the new experiences that it will bring. Once again, thank you for all you did at USC and the community. Best of luck in Seattle.

What UGLY Couches!!! This is USC...the Vatican of LA (like Rome)!!! I hope Lane Kiffin has the budget to put some really cool furniture and make his new office PIMPED OUT!!!

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