Cregg hired as assistant coach


cregg.jpegJames Cregg, who worked with Coach Lane Kiffin at the Oakland Raiders and Tennessee, has been hired as a USC assistant coach.

Most recently, Cregg was an offensive line coach at Tennessee in 2009, the Raiders in 2007-08 and Idaho in 2004-06. The 36-year-old Cregg was an all-conference offensive lineman at Colorado State in the late-'90s after attending Norco High.


Does this mean that Coach Ruel is not coming back? Can the team hold down two O line coaches? Because I would like to keep Coach Ruel. He's a great coach, great energy, and a great recruiter.

Tennessee staff seems to be tainted. Anybody new to excite the fanbase.

I guess the Sanctions may be keeping some of the best coaches from coming (like Chow).

Thank you. what a huge upgrade to Ruel. Thank you, thank you Lane!!! Ruel cost us two national championships, Ohh the UCLA game aggghhhh.

Coach Pete,
Please come back to USC. We may be heading to the gutter.,0,1888002.column

Still no offensive coordinator on this team! What the heck is going on?

It doesnt matter who the Offensive Coordinator will be right now, Just do the research on what Tennesse did last year and you will see what kind of offense USC will run, and Whoever keeps posting that same LA times article from JAn 13th needs to stop we all read what ppl are saying, but if you are smart, you should have listened to Dillon Baxter during his committment video and hear what sanctions are coming.

Tennessee's offense wasn't so great.
That's why I am concerned.

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