Carlisle leaves for Seahawks


0911carlisle.jpgFollowing nine seasons at USC, highly respected head strength and conditioning coach Chris Carlisle has resigned to take a similar position with the Seattle Seahawks.

Carlisle came in with Pete Carroll in early 2001 and now follows the former Trojan coach to the NFL. During his time at Heritage Hall, the 47-year-old Carlisle built one of the most successful strength and conditioning programs in the nation, earning national collegiate strength and conditioning coach of the year honors in 2006 from the Professional Football Strength and Conditioning Coaches Society. Numerous former players would return from the NFL each offseason to work out with Carlisle and his staff in a unique movement-based program that set a trend in football training.

"I want people to know that I'm walking away, not running," said Carlisle, who has 26 years of coaching experience. "There's not a reason for me to leave except that this is a great opportunity for me to continue my career and take a step in my evolution as a strength coach. Also, this is an opportunity to work with Pete Carroll, which is a heck of an opportunity and one that's very difficult to turn down.

"Lane Kiffin and the USC administration wanted me to stay and I really appreciate that."

Long-time assistant strength and conditioning coach Jamie Yanchar, who has worked at USC since 1990, will be interim head strength and conditioning coach as the Trojans conduct the early portion of the offseason program. The search for the new head strength coach will begin immediately.

"I truly believe the transition will be seamless with this new staff," Carlisle said. "Lane Kiffin and his staff will continue setting the bar in college football and maintain the standard of excellence at USC."


This is a huge loss for the Trojan Family. Coach Carlisle defined the off season program for Carroll's football teams and is widely considered "the" best at his particular trade amongst NFL teams, scouts, and college athletics. High school coaches around the country use his program and his work and success can be gaged by just how many SC players are drafted and playing in the NFL and just how many of them return back to campus during the off season to work with Carlisle. Carlisle has said on record that he would never work for anyone other than Pete Carroll based on his unique relationship with Carroll and I guess he has kept his word. I wish Coach Carlisle and his family tremendous success and on behalf of Trojan Nation: a hearty thank you. We will miss you and Coach Ruel. Times are a changing I guess...

Over the course of the past two yearts, between Sarkesian and Carroll, the SC coahing staff will have had a compelte makeover...... Coach Kiffin's makeover of the coaching staff has a chance to make a name for themselves for the 2010 college football season. I can't wait to see how Kiffin takes the program up a notch and coaches the new kids to greatness.....

Here comes another decade of Trojan Nation.
Fight on!

Josh Everett. UC Riverside.

Thank you for your work at USC, Coach

I had the priveledge of meeting Chris and his wife after the victory over Oklahoma in the BCS Championship Game. They are both very warm and genuine people. The Trojan family has been blessed to have them for so long. I wish them all the best in Seattle.

Coach Carlisle,
I want to take this opportunity to wish you the very best as you move on to Seattle.
I'm sure you will remember my friends and I, we stopped you in the stairwell of the parking garage one evening after practice to ask for a picture with you. I'm glad I have the photo, but I wish I had a video! Your reaction was one of the funniest moments I have from last season.

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