BREAKING NEWS: Lane Kiffin named new head coach


0112kiffin.jpgLane Kiffin, the one-time USC offensive coordinator who then became the head coach of the Oakland Raiders and at Tennessee, has been named the Trojans' head football coach, USC athletic director Mike Garrett announced today.

Joining Kiffin's staff as assistants will be Ed Orgeron and Monte Kiffin. Both were on the Tennessee staff in 2009 with Kiffin.

Orgeron, one of college football's top recruiters and defensive line coaches, previously served seven seasons at USC before becoming Mississippi's head coach and then an assistant with the New Orleans Saints. Monte Kiffin, Lane's father, is a longtime NFL and collegiate coach known for his defensive prowess.

"We are really excited to welcome Lane Kiffin back to USC," Garrett said. "I was able to watch him closely when he was an assistant with us and what I saw was a bright, creative young coach who I thought would make an excellent head coach here if the opportunity ever arose. I'm confident he and his staff will keep USC football performing at the high level that we expect.

"Lane brings a lot to the table. He has a coaching background both in the pros and in the best collegiate conferences. He has a great command of the X's and O's. He is familiar with the Trojan landscape and will be a great representative of our university. He keeps the game fun. And, very importantly, he has proven to be one of the finest recruiters anywhere.

"Lane has surrounded himself with others of similar talent. I can't tell you how delighted we are to have Ed Orgeron back on staff and to have Monte Kiffin join us. They are some of the preeminent coaches in the game. Ed did a marvelous job during his previous time at USC and we all know that Monte is a defensive guru. I know Lane will fill out his staff with other outstanding assistants like them, ones who Trojan players and fans will really like."

Kiffin replaces Pete Carroll, who resigned on Monday after nine seasons at USC to accept the head coaching job with the NFL's Seattle Seahawks.


I like it especially since Ed and his dad are part of the package. I now hope that Garrett can deal with these other or outside issues and let Lane pick up where Pete left off starting with this years recruiting class.

Once a Trojan, always a Trojan-FIGHT ON.

At first, I was disappointed. This was probably because I'm a raider fan as well.

But after I calmed down and analyzed, this is probably the best possible outcome for us. Kiffin has very similar philosophies as his teacher, PC; at his time with the Raiders they had fast-paced, competitive, USC-esque practices. They even had the "I'm IN" sign in the locker room. Problem for Lane, he had a hard time getting the raider players to buy into the philosophies that Pete had worked to instill in the Trojan program through many years of hard work. Fortunately for Lane and the current Trojan players, this team is still in PC/win forever/i'm in/competitive practices/high-energy-all-the-time mode; they don't know anything else. The transition made to Kiffin will be very smooth, and fans and players alike won't be overwhelmed by a program philosophy overhaul. Lane doesn't need to get these players to buy into this mindset - Pete has done all the hard work and they are already IN.

Also, it allows for many coaches the opportunity to come back as result of their connection to SC and Kiffin: Jethro Franklin, Rocky Seto, Todd McNair, and Pat Ruel were not taken by Pete, thus once again, some sense of continuity can be maintained during this transition if Lane + remaining assistants chooses to go this route.

The staff he's bringing along is also outstanding. Think about it: a Monte Kiffin D with SC athletes roaming the Pac-10? My goodness. Also, what high-schooler wouldn't want to play for an NFL legend?
Ed Orgeron is one of the best recruiters in the country and Lane is quickly becoming one as well. Don't forget that Orgeron was our recruiting coordinator in the Pete Carroll Nat Champ years and Lane was our recruiting coordinator for a couple (or one?) of years before going to Oakland as well, so he knows SoCal well. Since Lane and his staff has been at Tennessee, they instantly became a recruiting hotbed and this year is no different. They currently have a top-10 recruiting class (ahead of ours, according to ESPN) and now find themselves in the same excruciating predicament we Trojans found ourselves in this past weekend.
Kiffin's hiring will almost certainly ensure our commits stay on board. The best part of this whole thing? Kiffin and Orgeron will be busting their tails off to steal some of the commits of the current top-10 Tennessee class to SC in the next 3 weeks. AWESOME.

What an emotional roller coaster these past 4 days have been. Looks like everything is going to be okay in Trojan Land after all.
Kiffin may not have been the first choice, but now it certainly seems like this makes a lot of sense. Mike Garrett actually did something right. NC or bust 2010-2011!

Wahoo! Kiffin is a douche and will ruin USC! Ha Ha! Ducks Domination starts now!

Go Ducks! Win the Day!

I hope that USC's and Lane Kiffin's career goes down the drain. Kiffin came into Tennessee with a sack of lies promising to rebuild a football program but instead gave his team false hope and lies! So hold on USC you just bought a truck load of crap and it is coming your way!!!!

Lane knew he could not compete in the SEC. He was afraid of the annual Florida lost and Alabama trouncing. He ran to a weaker conference so he could compete. He ultimately was afraid of the challenges of winning in the SEC.

Welcome Home! What great news for USC.

Norm Chow coming back also!!!!

You sec fans are ridiculous!!! Why stay at tennessee in the sec when you can be a head coach at usc? Fight on!!!

Oh Happy Day!!! We just got rid of Lane Kiffin! What is USC thinking? That guys is an absolute disaster. Now Tennessee can go out and get the Boise St. coach like we should have done last year. Thanks USC!

Say what you will about Lane Kiffin's turmoil filled Raider stint and less than perfect Tennessee year, no Trojan alum can deny this hiring is Mike Garrett's finest moment. I have been on this blog ripping Garrett for not stepping up and getting in front of this mess, but with this hire, I am eating crow. Garrett really saves the recruiting class (SC will probably gain more recruits with this hire), and really keeps the general philosophy of the program. There is a continuity to all of this that is calming. Kiffin is familiar with most of the current staff: Pat Ruel, Chris Carlisle, Todd McNair, Rocky Seto, Brennan Carroll, and will probably keep them all, which is great for the current players. The offense he will bring is similiar to Carroll's. He will coach up Barkley and bring him from promise to pro draft prospect. Monte's Tampa 2 defense is exactly what Carroll ran and Ed Orgeron is the best recruiting warrior USC has ever had on staff. He is a recruiting closer. So I owe Mike Garrett a humble apology. He did what was best for the university and its football program. Stanford and Oregon, the fall can't come soon enough for this Trojan. Fight On!

This has Pete Carroll written all over it... Sark to UW and now Lane back at SC... You can't make this stuff up...

Omar, you may have called it. Jon Gold is reporting on his Inside UCLA blog the following:
"Just tried Norm Chow twice and his mailbox is full, just got off the phone with Rick Neuheisel, he says he doesn't know anything yet and is calling me back." Is Coach Chow coming back? That is H-U-G-E!!!! Sorry Paris Hilton.

I think it's more of a lateral move for Kiffin. The SEC has a lot of credibility and "status" right now. Regardless, as a Tennessee fan, I'm SO relieved to be done with that guy. USC's quick reassembly of it's coaching staff will be helpful--- but with Kiffin at the helm---USC is in deep trouble.

Congrats you get a traitor. He is such a wussy you guys deserve him.

You know ORANGE not my favorite color it reminds me of a jail uniform.

Hey put us on your schedule


I guess Al Davis isn't so dumb afterall!! He came into Tennessee and accused Urban Meyer of cheating, had several minor NCAA violations - I hope he studies the rules before mouthing off at USC. Hope the NCAA comes down hard for the Reggie Bush payoff! Besides, maybe Kiffin can win more games in the patsy 10.

Pete care has a strange sense of humor... =)
Thanks Pete, I guess the jokes on us, huh?
Lane has to straighten up his act, or he'll be hitting bricks fast at SC. The supporting cast, couldn't be better however, and I hope that they have some say in how things go down. If they do, watch out college football.

Hey you had Davey Crockett.
and he went to TEXAS.

Need a coach call UCLA

As a tennessee grad it was good to see excitement once again after fat Phil left. Now that Lane has deserted this team after just one year to jump ship to an easier conference, I hope tennessee can get a guy with good morals and someone we can trust.

Lane, you belong in LaLa Land.

Tom Cable from the Oakland Raiders may be available.

My sons high school team is in a stronger conference the usc. Good luck bobby boy

The coward would not face questions and only spoke for 42 seconds in a press conference. You guys have got a class act!!!!! enjoy the bum!!!

I say get Lane out of those awful orange and white colors asap and into cardinal and gold. This is going to be very interesting to watch play out. I'm warming to the choice.

Hey that is great news, will they be interested in playing football at SC?

I think the kids would enjoy the experience.

PS: We also have a great Marching Band

Fight On

So, I guess TN is only going to hire a new head coach from the ranks of the unemployed? Remember your traitor comments when you "steal" someone else's coach for your program. Lane's not a "traitor" football is business and he got a better opportunity. Grow up. He has been at SC before and he obviously liked it better. And as for the Raiders, who can blame him for taking a chance to be a head coach in the NFL even if you had to report to Al Davis. He gave it a shot and Al Davis obviously proved he is an idiot once again.

What a burn on UCLA and UT! Fight ON!!!

I see 2 problems:

1. Orgeron (while at Mississippi and UT) and Kiffin (while at UT) both brought shame on their programs by recruiting and leading players to act like thugs and punks (vandalism and theft at MS and robbery at UT). They'll do the same thing at USC.

2. Orgeron can recruit ... but can't coach talent (Miss. and UT) and Kiffin has yet to truly prove himself as a head coach.

SC ... you've got a gamble.

Hope you guys at SC like being on probation ha ha
Was Monte really that outstanding ? He lost 6 games at UT Not my idea of a great D coach. Remember SC if a good nfl team calls him he will leave you like he did UT

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