'A new day:' Kiffin's first team meeting


And off they go.

The Trojans were swept up into the Lane Kiffin Era with an uplifting and captivating speech from their new head coach, who peppered his energetic address with calls for national championships, discipline and hard work.

"You guys signed here to win championships, and that's why we came here too," Kiffin told the players during a 20-minute team meeting in Heritage Hall this afternoon. "We're here to win championships every single year."

Standing behind a podium at the front of the room, Kiffin discussed his open-door policy, "extremely aggressive" style and high standards for excellence, among other topics, during the speech in Heritage Auditorium. As USC aims to climb back up under Kiffin, the new coach said their work begins now with the offseason strength and conditioning session.

"This place wasn't built because you're five-star recruits," Kiffin said. "It was built because we outworked everybody in the country."

After a brief address from assistant head coach and defensive line coach Ed Orgeron, Kiffin closed the meeting out by offering bright hope for the future.

"Everybody in this room has a clean slate," Kiffin told the players. "I don't care how many touchdowns you've scored, if you've been in trouble before or what. I don't have a depth chart right now.

"This is a new day."

Coach Lane Kiffin addresses the Trojans during Friday afternoon's team meeting at Heritage Hall.



silly bitter vol fans. instead of trolling here, why don't you guys try finding a coach who doesn't turn you down first? or at least stop supplying your basketball players with guns. haha.

I agree that Kiffin needs to get his people in and Carroll's assistants are, well, in limbo. that's football. but I know that Kiffin is going to be smart enough to keep Malcomson and the SCripsit blog. FIGHT ON, Ben!

Well, you fellas really went out and hired a cockroach. Within three years the NCCA will bury your program with investigations.

I am worried - u have not posted for many days! we need you!

I'm worried about the Kiffin hire. He didn't even tell all of his assistant coaches he was leaving tennessee. Did you see the NY Times article?

How Many NCAA Sanctions are we expecting? Will the infractions that Kiffin brings from Tennessee carry over to the sanctions we will be getting for Bush and McKnight?

When are we expecting the Sanctions to be happen? I've heard this Spring, but would like to see what other think about they will occur.

Do you think Kiffin will bolt for another school, if we do get the anticipated sanctions? He does have a history of packing up and leaving in a hurry!

S A N C T I O N S !!!!

Hate to hear that, but we'll be back. Go USC!

Oh man do we need PETE CARROLL back at USC! Please come back to us PETE! USC.will be a BIG challenge for YOU to undertake now - get out of the cold Seattle weather. Of course we are having El Nino weather here. Mike Garrett and President Sample please bring Pete back to USC. Fight on!

The ESPN article above's from U. Tennessee graduate Gene Wojciechowski. I understand he may be bitter, but that's a poor use of his platform.

What do you know about when we might hear about the NCAA sanctions?


I agree with Chloe. Pete, Please come back and rescue us. It's too cold up there. We need someone that knows what they are doing, and I fear we are lost.

What exactly are a the infractions he had at Tennessee? Did kiffin say anything about the infractions when he met with the team?

I heard in an interview with Kiffin, that he said the hardest part of being a head coach was following all the rules. He had a lot of problems in with the conference rules, and then a lot of players arrested.

I hope he won't run out on us, too.

I guess that's why Norm Chow didn't want any part of this.
Who's going to run the offense? Are there any coaches that still want to come here?
They may prefer to see what shakes out of this mess, first.

sanctions won't last that long. we'll be back at the top in 4 years or less.

go trojans.

4 years is a long time

our recruits don't want to wait 4 years!

Did Kiffin say anything about NCAA infreactions or a timetable for this mess?

Pete, Please come back!

Lane Kiffin Era, or Error.

I've talked with a lot of my friends over the weekend, and there are concerns as to whether Kiffin is really Head Coach material for a program like USC. Trojans seemed to be just a bit desperate when they made their decision.

I say let's go ahead and get the Sanctions over with, and MOVE ON!

You have a great blog and we read it every day. Thanks for all you're doing for USC and the team. Let's keep the blog going.

Fight on as they say. Ben who going to be the next offensive coordinator?

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