Stafon smiling, looking good


In his hospital room this morning, Stafon Johnson smiles and flashes "fight on" alongside (from left to right) quarterback Matt Barkley, offensive lineman Alex Parsons and offensive lineman Jeff Byers. Johnson, who underwent throat surgery on Sept. 28, has been welcoming teammates and coaches more and more by the day as his condition continues to steadily improve. [Photo courtesy of Kim Mallory, Johnson's mother]


This photo is so great to we fans to SEE. Stafon looks very good and is only going to get better!!! How great that some of the players can get to see him. I'm sure he misses his teammates so much. Thanks for posting this Ben!

PRAISE GOD!! Let's all keep him and Kim in our daily prayers.

This is dope. Stafon looks like he can get back on the field RIGHT NOW! We'll see him next year in the NFL though.

Fight on, Stafon! I hope you get drafted into the NFL next year and kick some major butt!!

Way to go #13! Fight On!!!

this is so awesome!!! you are in our prayers!!!

Wow THANK GOD! This photo is awesome!! Get working Stafon following you on twitter. FIGHT ON@!

Lookin Good Stafon, keep on improving :-) my prayers are with you and your family (USC family 2). Great pic thanks for sharing

Stafon, you look TERRIFIC in the photo. This was such a blessing to be able to see you and some of your SC team mates.

We continue to keep you in our prayers here in PA. We'll be out for the parent's weekend game. I'm sure you'll make a lot of progress between now and then.

God Speed on your path to recovery. Many people you've never met are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

Follow your coach's inspiration and FIGHT ON !!

The Freeburn family from PA

WOW! You are rockin' it - keep healing and we will keep sending our prayers for your continued recovery -- FIGHT ON!

I didn't notice that his shirt showed heavy barbells until Dr. Saturday pointed it out. Fantastic.

keep smilin brother

stafon, congrats on making it thru the surgery & good luck to a speedy recovery! you know you will always have trojan family to support & uplift you! stay strong, brotha!

fight on!

FIGHT ON, Stafon, you look great, sending many blessings your way!

Im personally A hardcore oregon duck fan, but im glad to see Stafon doing well and may he get better.

Though I may not be a USC fan, and believe me I'm as far from it (Bear Down Arizona!) as possible, it's never good to see a player get injured like Stafon did and it's always good when those players recover. Here's hoping for the best, Stafon.

Thats great to see. A lot of people have been praying for you Stafon.

Fight on!

Come back with a mission Stafon... Much love man... Hope all works all for you! Always Fight ON!

We're all so proud of how everyone has worked through this. Stefon, you've come a long way while at SC and no matter what it's Trojan for Life!! Fight ON!!

Stafon you're great man.

fight on!

Good to see fans from a variety of teams rooting you on Stafon. Duck fan here and I could not be happier to see you looking healthy and on the road to recovery. Way to sport the weightlifting shirt in the picture!!!

Way to Fight On!! You look great. Pleasssssseeeee come back next year!!

He looks pretty good for someone who had such a major injury. I hope he has a full recovery.

Good luck Stafon from a Duck fan!

So glad he is doing so well!!! Good luck and God bless you from a Crimson Tide fan!!!!

What great progress --get well soon, Stafon. We're all rooting for you at the alumni club of the Twin Cities. Who knows, we might see you play here next fall (which would be awesome). Take care and Fight On!

Great to see Stafon smiling and up out of that hospital bed with his teammates.
Fight on Stafon we are all proud and praying for you.

I just teared up seeing how great you look, Stafon! God answers prayer....Fight ON, #13. You bear witness to your teammates with your will to recover and thrive! CRD - USC Marshall'79

That photo just made my year. Get stronger and stronger Stafon, and we look forward to seeing your future unfold in a special way. Thanks to Stafon's mom and Ben for sharing. Please keep us posted on Stafon's progress, and he has our prayers every day.

Fight On Stafon! All of the Trojans here in Philly are sending good thoughts your way for a speedy recovery.

its great to see he's ok,thanks for the pic! GO GATORS

Great to see you in good spirits! Get better soon all your Trojan family is pullin for you!

This photo put a smile on my face for the whole day. Fight On! Stafon!


You look great on the picture, best wishes and my thoughts to you and your family.


That's a great photo. Anyone know where to get a shirt like the one Byers has on?

Great pic! Anyone know how to get a shirt like the one Stafon is wearing?

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