Showing concern


We've received several e-mails asking for a mailing address to send cards for Stafon Johnson, Hebron Fangupo or Marshall Jones, the three Trojans who are currently hospitalized with serious injuries. You can send mail to the USC football office and it will be delivered to the players:

[Player's name]
USC Football
Heritage Hall 203b
3501 Watt Way
Los Angeles, CA 90089


Thoughts, prayers, and wishing a speedy recovery to Stafon and his family!


I was having a crap day and then heard this news. Puts everything in perspective. I love pretending that USC football is life & death, but it's far from it. Getter better guys. And, Rey, too. Seeing him carted off was awful as well. Thanks for the updates, Ben.

Prayers for a full and speedy recovery

My prayers go out to Stefan, Fangupo, Marshall and their families. May each of you have a speedy recovery.

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