Keeping score at practice

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We've received several questions about how the practice scoring system works and how the victory is determined each day.

In the final scrimmage-like period of each practice, the offense and defense go head-to-head to determine a victor for the day. One side gets the "win" and a point for each play. The offense wins if it rushes for four yards or more or completes a pass of any length. The defense wins if it stops the offense short of four yards on a rush, causes an incompletion or forces a turnover. All the play wins are scored, with one side in a 24-play team period having to reach 13 points to gain the overall victory.

Because Coach Carroll places a premium on competition and just happens to be the ultimate judge and scorekeeper on each play, the overall practice victory is almost always determined on the final few snaps of the day. In his creative, sneaky and often controversial ways, the playful Carroll usually finagles the score so it can be tied near the end of each practice.

The reason for keeping score each practice? It's all about creating an atmosphere of competition, where every play and every rep counts.

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